Dior Holiday 2009: Cristal Boreale

Dior Holiday is arriving at counters, and (as usual for Dior), it is a large and complicated collection, with certain pieces only available at certain stores. The collection is called Cristal Boreale, and we’ll first look at what I did manage to swatch so far, then we’ll run through what else is still out there.

Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, Smoky Crystal, quintAttracting a lot of attention right now is the limited edition iridescent eyeshadow quint 089 Smoky Crystal. The promotional picture took my breath away — it looked like a warm neutral duo on top, a cool neutral duo on bottom, and what I hoped was a light purple in the center. In reality, the whole quint swatched much cooler than I expected (and that purple is strong!), and I knew this wasn’t the quint for me. Smoky Crystal is priced like all Dior quints: $56.

Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, eyeshadow quad, CannageLast year for Holiday, Dior offered a pair of eyeshadow quads (warm and cool) in a magnetic-closure compact. This year there’s only one, and it is very warm. (Unless I somehow swatched an errant quad, the product photo is sort of misleading.) The official name of this product is Dior Black Cannage Eye Palette and it is $40. I don’t know if this information is useful to you, but according to the label, the shades are 682, 542, 519, and 929 iridescent shadows.
Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, Smoky Crystal, quint, swatches, eyeshadow quad, CannageDior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, deluxe, travel paletteThere’s also a “Deluxe Travel Palette,” which includes three pairs of eyeshadow duos, blush, powder foundation (which surprised me), a mini size Dior Iconic mascara, and a mini Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, plus applicators and a mirror in a zip-closure case. I didn’t label the picture like I normally do because I’m not absolutely familiar with Dior nomenclature and I didn’t want to make a mistake.

Again, according to the back of the case, the shadows are iridescent 649, 062, 042, 959, 822, and 009. Now, I don’t speak Dior, but do these numbers correspond to shades available as singles?

The blush is Diorblush (Blush Poudre Couleur & Lumiere) Glowing Color Powder Blush 950. The powder is Diorskin Forever Compact (Teint Haute Perfection) Extreme Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF PA++ in shade 030 — but what if 030 isn’t your shade? (Diorphiles? Can you explain?). The gloss is shade 257 (it’s a popular choice for these types of palettes).

All in all, I thought the textures and colors were nice, especially that pretty blush. The travel palette is $70.
Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, deluxe, swatches, travel paletteDior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, pendantBut wait, there’s more! I haven’t yet swatched the most important item of the collection, the Cristal Boreale gloss pendant. Apparently back in the 50s, Dior asked Swarovski to create a crystal inspired by sunlight bouncing through Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. There are four of those special Aurore Boreale multi-colored crystals on the pendant (and 48 other Swarovski crystals). The pendant contains Pink Crystal gloss and is $80.

There’s also apparently a special single eyeshadow: Cristal Boreale eyeshadow in Silver Gem. It’s embossed with a jewel pattern and it’s $30 — I haven’t seen this anywhere yet.

There’s a “Style Liner” eyeliner in 174 Sparkling Purple ($31), and two polishes: 782 Silver Purple (see Steph’s Closet’s gorgeous swatches) and 905 Black Sequins available only at Sephora (see AllLacqueredUp’s beautiful swatches). Both polishes are $20.

Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, lip quad, Cannage, blackDior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, lip quad, Cannage, redWe talked about the “black cannage” eyeshadow quad; there’s also a “black cannage” lip quad — AND a “red cannage” lip quad, which is available only at Sephora. Like the eyeshadow quad, these are $40 each.

Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, Couture, Silver Cannage, palette, SephoraAnd there’s one more Sephora-only palette: the Dior Couture Silver Cannage Clutch. This clutch is $70. It contains DiorBlush 733 English Rose, the eyeshadow duo Nude Look — and what looks like a purple shadow is actually a plummy gloss: shade 483. There’s also a mini blush brush and a double-ended lip-and-eyeshadow applicator.

There’s also a mini brush set ($60), which contains a powder brush, foundation brush, what looks like maybe a domed eyeshadow brush, and a lip brush — all in a handy carrying case.

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10 Responses to “Dior Holiday 2009: Cristal Boreale”

  • GlossMenagerieDotCom says:

    >I want that travel palette!!! The eyeshadow colors are prettier than the smoky quint.

  • Andromeda says:

    >I'm completely in love with the Black Cannage eye palette. The travel palette also seems to be quite beautiful.

  • MissBrandi says:

    >I love the Black Cannage Eye Palette.

  • Anitacska says:

    >In the UK there's also another quint that is mainly purple and a single that's purple as well as the silver one (which is mega pretty, I swatched it the other day). I don't know the numbers/shades, but there are pictures of Dior's UK site of them.

  • caseybby says:

    >I purchased the Black Cannage Eye Palette but have yet to use it. I'd love to get the pendant and the brush set.. does anyone know what stores they're located at?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Anitacska — sounds gorgeous! I've got to check that out.

    Caseybby — the brush set should be available everywhere. The pendant may only be in higher end department stores, like Neiman Marcus and Saks… but I think NM.com has free shipping at any price going on right now?

  • Qirong says:

    >We get another quint with pastel and purple shades. I like it more than the quint you review here. I bought the pendent, so gorgeous. Would you recommend wearing it as a necklace? Sorry I'm not much help as I find Dior's nomenclature very confusing too, so much so that it is quite annoying.

  • Rivoli says:

    >So beautiful! I wonder if Black Cannage is similar to Guerlain's holiday palette (bal de minuit?)

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Still perplexed… those cosmetic shades in pictures look gorgeous… but once swatched, the real colours disappointed me… I always asked myself "If you change the colours in the pics, probably the colours in the pics is more beautiful than the real one, so, why don't you produce the colours in the pics instead of those you actually produced?". I'd love to ask this question to Dior selling dept!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Rivoli: Bal de Minuit is much cooler. Though the shades in both are "white, pink, brown, brown," Dior's "white" is yellow/champagne (Guerlain's is white). And Guerlain's two browns are cool; Dior's are quite warm. Here are BdM swatches for comparison: http://karlasugar.blogspot.com/2009/10/guerlain-holiday-imperial-collection.html

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