Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball

Welcome to the Butterfly Ball! Lipstick Queen is introducing a new lipstick formula for holiday. Butterfly Ball lipsticks are sheer*, contain Aloe Vera, vitamins E, C, and B for moisture, and have tiny blue sparkles to make your teeth look whiter. They’re $20 each, and if you don’t find one in your holiday stocking, don’t fret: they are a permanent addition to the line.

Now the reason for the asterisk on sheerness. Trance and Float are obviously sheer. Goodbye, Moment, and Fly will be a little more pigmented on someone of my skintone (or paler), but they’ll be sheer on darker skintones.

I tried on Trance and really liked it (it’s that sheer strawberry jam look again), but now I’m conflicted because I’m still pining for a Chinatown glossy pencil. I can’t confirm that I perceived any teeth whitening wearing the Butterfly Ball… but maybe I’m just self-conscious about my teeth now.
Lipstick Queen, Butterfly Ball, lipstick, swatches, Goodbye, Moment, Trance, Float, FlyHelp me out, readers! Chinatown vs. Butterfly Ball: which should I get?

[edit: I did spring for Trance, and after wearing it a few times, I do feel that the lipstick actually has a sort of bluish cast to it, which I don't love against my skin (you know I'm a warm lips kind of girl). The formula does feel amazing though.]

Lipstick Queen: Butterfly Ball, Goodbye, Moment, Trance, Float, Fly

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13 Responses to “Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball”

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >Chase and thriller have slightly more blue in them than Trance. If you're self conscsious about your teeth not being their whitest, then the bluer based shades will tend to make your teeth look less yellow. I say go with Chinatown and see your dentist about bleaching!

  • Kristina says:

    >My vote goes to Chinatown. I want one too!

  • Sarah says:

    >I'd go w/ the glossy pencil, they look to be a more unique product and also more layer-able. As in, you could go more sheer or more pigmented w/ the pencil, but the Butterfly Ball lipsticks look very sheer (especially the one you're interested in). That being said, if you're me, you get both and call it an early Christmas present.

  • Lina (TheBeautyLookBook) says:

    >Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I've been dying for swatches of these and this confirms I need Float and Trance.

  • Soni says:

    >Karla, I say go with Trance. I like the pencils too, but the cheapskate in me hates the fact that when you sharpen them, you lose some of the actual product. But both products are really nice!

  • Evelynn says:

    >I think the Chinatown glossy pencil in Chase looks a bit more beautiful (I've been lemming this for a while!), although I like the format of a lipstick better than a pencil.

  • Chelsea says:

    >I'm with Soni on this one. I hate that you lose product when sharpening the pencils.

    I'm dying for moment, but I've been loving sheer reds for about a month now.

  • beslap says:

    >"blue sparkles to make your teeth look whiter"

    Ok, this simply isn't true. Blue in lip products will make the orange in your teeth stand out. It's because of the afterimage comes over your teeth and brings out the orange in it, intensifies it. Afterimage is the tinted cloud your eyes carry after you look at a certain color, it's the opposite color in the color wheel. Blue's opposite is orange and the tinted cloud you will see over your teeth is orange. Or maybe I'm getting this wrong… but lipgloss with blue sparkles(for instance, Date Night by MAC) always makes my teeth look yellower.

    Basak(a design student obsessed with color theory)

  • Martha says:

    >Thank you for these swatches! I say go with the Butterfly Ball- I am far too lazy for sharpening :)

  • Trina says:

    >I wish I had seen these swatches before buying! I'm NW15 – 20, myself, and my lips are on the blue end of the spectrum. Moment is almost fuschia on me in sunlight (NOT my style). I can make it work by layering Lorac gloss stick in Sheer Berry (my HG) over it to tone it down, but it isn't what I was hoping for. For me, it was a tossup between Moment and Goodbye, and clearly I chose wrong. Soon to be corrected!

    I'll agree with other comments – don't waste/lose product with a pencil that needs sharpening! The formulation of the Butterfly Ball lippies is divine. Seeing your swatches, I might have to spring for Trance and Float too!

  • Proximity says:

    >Karla, thanks for swatching these! I've been hoping that you were going to swatch them for a while now, as I've been lemming them (I LOVE Lipstick Queen).
    I'd go for Trance over the Chinatown pencil, but that's just me.

  • yummy411 says:

    >i've been meaning to ask for ages, how do you take care of the skin on your arms to ensure great swatching. being a makeup artist, my hands are a touch sensitive to all the makeup i slap on the back of my hand and remove. i have to moisturize and sometimes put a creme on for irritation. does that happen to your arm? do you have to watch out for tanning on your arms, do you exfoliate more often on your arms, etc.? ;) )) just wondering!

  • Dennipep says:

    >I go for Chinatown!!!

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