MAC Baroque Boudoir

MAC, Baroque Boudoir, displayUsually for holiday MAC releases one big, universally distributed holiday collection (this year it was Magic, Mirth, and Mischief), and then a second, smaller, “couture” collection in swanky packaging, sold through freestanding MAC stores and Nordstrom. This year it’s available in MAC stores only, and the ladies at my Nordstrom counter are still in denial.

Baroque Boudoir is also smaller than the last few collections have been. It includes three lipsticks, three glosses, and a clutch. The sheer mystery powders have been re-released, but only in two shades. (According to my source, Dark Secret didn’t sell particularly well.)

The lipsticks and glosses are $22 each. The Sheer Mystery Powders are $60 (up from Monogram’s $50 and Stylistics’ $45). The clutch is $65.
MAC, Baroque Boudoir, swatches, Cremesheen, Prive, Treasured, D'Nouveau, Preciousness, The Lap of LuxuryI think it’s interesting that the lipsticks are Cremesheens. Based on early product photos, I thought I was going to be all over Prive, but now that I’ve swatched it, I think it’s too blue for me. If I’m interpreting MAC’s website correctly, these glosses are some kind of special new formula. They’re actually sheer tints with tons of dense sparkle (which gives them their color) and they have brush wands.MAC, Baroque Boudoir, Sheer Mystery PowderMAC, Baroque Boudoir, Sheer Mystery PowderSheer Mystery Powders are matte finishing powders. (Mineralized Skinfinish Natural contains light reflectors for more of a satin finish.) Your $60 gets you the heavy, refillable compact and two pans of product (one in the compact, plus a refill). Sheer Mystery Powder is generally sold only during holiday.

There’s not a huge gap between the two shades. I’d wear Light Medium (and I’m ~NW20. I wear MAC F&B in N1). Yes, my arms are more tan than my face.

I last swatched the Sheer Mystery Powders in their Kitty Kouture (Hello Kitty) release. Click here to revisit those swatches or remind yourself what Dark Secret looked like.

So will you succumb to the damask packaging? Are any of these products calling your name?

MAC Baroque Boudoir: Baroque Boudoir, Prive, Treasured, D’Nouveau, Preciousness, The Lap of Luxury, Light Medium, Medium Plus

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15 Responses to “MAC Baroque Boudoir”

  • Fiona says:

    >I often see swatches of products all over the internet and yours has to be the one that is most accurate. Each time I think of a product I want to check out, I make sure I check out your site first.

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Peonies and water lilies says:

    >Thanks for the swatches, I love the look of this collection and I think I'll be treating myself to the Prive lipsticks x

  • HT says:

    >I've already purchased Prive and Treasured. I wasn't sold on the lipglosses. I initially was hooked on the clutch (I think I was the only person who was) but talked myself out of it as I can find another, cuter, clutch for the same price. Did you get to see it in person? What'd you think about it in terms of quality?

  • KateM says:

    >I love the look of Baroque Boudoir lipstick. I wonder if any color from then regular collection is similar? Packaging is not enough for me to fork out that kind of money.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Fiona – Thank you!
    HT – I was afraid to take the clutch out of the display, so I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about it. >_< Sorry to let you down!
    KateM – try this link: :)

  • JennXOXO says:

    >I ended up getting Prive on Black Friday. It was pricey but it's a lovely color on me. I'm glad I picked it up :D

  • Samantha says:

    >I don't like the cremesheen formula all that much for lighter colors, but I had been tempted by Prive and Treasured, and maybe even D'Nouveau, but your swatches have helped kill those lemmings. Sure the colors are pretty, but since they aren't my favorite formulas (if the lipsticks were Lustres, we'd have a different story) and the colors are pretty but not must-have-for-the-price, I'm safe!

  • Pinchy Peach says:

    >These are pretty! I like prive for my coloring, but I think the glosses are too sheer for my liking.

    Which is just as well, we won't get these in norway! :)

  • Shayla says:

    >As much as I love, love, LOVE the packaging on this, the MAC "couture" products just don't do it for me. Especially taking into consideration the price.

    Nice to see swatches, though…thanks!

  • invie says:

    >Ditto Shayla. The shades are quite disappointing.

    Thanks for the swatches.

  • G.e.n.i.e..m.o.O says:

    >Love your swatches! Nice packaging though, but just wondering if the mystery powder really worths the 60 bucks. Do you think the MEDIUM PLUS will be too dark for NC30? How's the texture of the powder? :D

  • Tiffany says:

    >You know, it's actually because of this site that I'm into MAC at all, haha. Man do I love this packaging. I also prefer brush wands on lipgloss…too bad I'm not drawn to any of these shades. If I spring for anything, it'll be the Mystery Powder and possibly Baroque Boudoir – nothing special about the color, but I can't stop looking at it.

  • Shizuru says:

    >I don't want to be in love with Prive but I'm afraid that I'm already failing at it (>.<)
    Why does it have to be cremesheen. If it was any other formula it would be easier for me to look the other way…

  • Tish says:

    >Great Great swatches as always!! I only picked up Treasured…But Preciousness is looking Precious & Tempting from your swatches…

  • Monica says:

    >I must get that Prive lipstick, it looks so gorgeous!

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