MAC Mischief Makers: Lipgloss and Pigment Sets

MAC, holiday, 2009, Mischief Makers, pigment, displayThe “mini sets” are an annual MAC tradition, and this year they come to us in the form of Mischief Makers, quintets of mini lipgloss and pigment vials.

There are three gloss sets: 5 Sexy Shenanigans, 5 Frisky Business, and 5 Models Misbehaving. Each set is $29.50 and contains 3 Lipglasses (these are stickier and have a doe’s foot wand) and 2 Lustreglasses (less sticky; brush wand).

There are also three pigment sets: 5 Haute Hijinks, 5 Cool Capers, and 5 Sexpot (smoky). These are $32.50 each, and contain 4 pigments and one glitter — all repromoted shades. It’s a good idea in general to apply your pigments on top of something (Fix +, paints, paint pots, greasepaint sticks, some kind of primer, etc.), but it’s really necessary with the glitters; they don’t stick to skin very well on their own. You can also add your glitters (or pigments) to nail polish, use them for body shimmer, even put them in your hair.

MAC, holiday, 2009, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, Mischief Makers, swatches, Haute Hijinks, Jardin Aires, Rushmetal, Copperized, Museum Bronze, Reflects Gold, Cool Capers, Kitschmas, Fuchsia, Grape, Deep Blue Green, Reflects Transparent TealJardin Aires is a pale peach-beige. Rushmetal is copper with silver sparkles. Copperized is olivey green with gold sparkles. Museum Bronze is a golden brown. Reflects gold looks white in the vial, but is actually nothing but fabulous tiny gold sparkles. And you can make a really fantastic liner out of it (or any of these shades) using something like Trish McEvoy’s Finish Line.

Kitschmas is a cool, whitened pink. Fuchsia is cool pink. Grape is a fabulous rich purple. Deep Blue Green is deep and complex. It really is blue-green, but I think this picture makes it look more blackened. Reflects Transparent Teal (which also appears in the Love’s Divine Lash set) is green-blue sparkles.
MAC, holiday, 2009, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, Mischief Makers, swatches, Sexpot, Naked, Sunnydaze, Chocolate Brown, Dark Soul, Reflects Antique Gold, Models Misbehaving, Pinkular, Magnetique, Gitane, Angel Wing, Instant GoldMAC, holiday, 2009, Mischief Makers, lipgloss, displayNaked is a pale Volvo pink. Sunnydaze is silver-brown with perhaps a touch of purple. Sunnydaze is one of those beloved, limited edition colors, and it seems to me that this version is actually better than I remember. Maybe a reformulation happened with this release? Chocolate Brown is a red brown, and reminded me of Copperbeam from Overrich. Dark Soul is black with sparkles. Reflects Antique Gold is a blackened antique gold — and unlike the other Mischief Maker Reflects, it has a more pigmented base (it’s not just sparkles).

5 Models Misbehaving is the “deep” lipgloss set and its shades are the most opaque. Pinkular is actually a russety orange with lots of silver sparkles (never would have guessed, based on the name). Magnetique is a magenta creme. Gitane is a deeper, more red version of Pinkular. Angel Wing is a sheer berry purple with pink and gold sparkles. Instant Gold is very sheer peach with silver sparkles.
MAC, holiday, 2009, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, Mischief Makers, swatches, Sexy Shenanigans, Elle, Poetic License, Cruise Control, , Ensign, Morning Glory, Frisky Business, Silly Girl, Totally It, Beaute, Pinkarat, WonderstruckElle is a milky opal shade with pink sparkles. Poetic License is a creme peach-pink. Cruise Control is pink with multicolored sparkles. Ensign is an opaque rose with gold shimmer. Morning Glory is a clear pale pink with silver sparkles.

Silly Girl is peach-brown with silver sparkles. Totally It is hot pink with pink sparkles. Beaute is peach pink with silver and pink sparkles. Pinkarat is clear pink with gold sparkles. Wonderstruck is pink with silver sparkles.

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2 Responses to “MAC Mischief Makers: Lipgloss and Pigment Sets”

  • Princesa Livia says:

    >Thank you Karla! I've been waiting for these swatches! :) xx Livia

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Cool Capers and Sexpot are already been ordered :-D

    PS: is it true that glitters cannot be applyed on eyes?

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