Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 8

It just wouldn’t be a new release from Stars Makeup Haven if we didn’t see some wild colors.

Today concludes our swatch-look at the 32 newest shades of SMH eyeshadows — and true to the brand’s beginnings, there are some really bright new shades. These shadows come in 1″ pans (the same size as MAC shadows), and are $4.95 each — though from now until Sunday, you can take 15% off your order with the code karlasugar. Stars Makeup Haven also ships anywhere in the world, so don’t let your location keep you from placing an order.
Stars Makeup Haven, SMH, eyeshadow, swatches, Fireflies, Call a Treuse, X-Treme, Teal Tuesday, Scandalous, Rush Hour, Southern Belle, Bombshell, Sparks, Cat's Meow, EuphoriaFireflies is a creamy, matte, dirty yellow. Call a Treuse is a matte chartreuse. X-Treme is fluorescent, matte, highlighter yellow (and not as effortlessly pigmented as some of SMH’s shades. I’ve gotten used to “kicking it up to eleven” in just one swipe).

I think of all the new shades, I heard the most whispered excitement for Teal Tuesday and Scandalous — but I just don’t know if these two were as smooth and creamy as, say, Evergreen and Regal. Rush Hour is a very white, frosted mint. Southern Belle is a satin pale pink. Bombshell is matte pink-melon (which reminded me a bit of Paradisco). Sparks is a frosty red/orange-copper. Cat’s Meow is frosty bubblegum pink; Euphoria is matte fuchsia.

To check out the entire catalog of Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, click here.

Now, about today’s giveaway. Now that you’ve seen all the shades, I’d like you to put together a fantasy quad and give it a name.

Leave your entry in a comment below — tomorrow I’ll announce all the winners from this past week, and then they will be responsible for emailing me over the weekend (or I’ll pick new winners on Monday). That way nobody’s email address is exposed to spambots. Cool? Cool.

Today’s prize shadows are Rush Hour and Call a Treuse. The prize shadows have been swatched (sorry). The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, and it ends tonight at midnight, CST. Good luck!

P.S. Look for bonus giveaways on Facebook and Twitter! Just sayin’

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25 Responses to “Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 8”

  • Lalelu* says:

    >Do they ship to europe?

  • Nina says:

    >This batch of shadows is my favorite so far! I'm in awe at Fireflies!

  • Suzanne says:

    >I'd make a quad with Plum Crazy, Chiq, Ultra Violet and Pandora. I'd call it Plumfully Yours. :)

  • ze German: Maria says:

    >Id put fireflies, teal tuesday, euphoria and southern bell in a quad and call it "dirty sexy disco doll"

  • Carrie says:

    >Couture + Ciao Bella + Dominatrix + Frenzy = "Hour of the Wolf"

  • Sarah says:

    >Fantasy quad out of all of them? So hard! So many gorgeous choices!

    I'd put Fireflies, Sinsational, Creme d'Nude, and Cashmere in a quad named Burn the Land.

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >"I know Better"
    Carnal Knowledge, Dominatrix, Show stopper and Guilty as Sin

  • Mary in Wonder says:

    >hmm let's see…I'm terrible at these things…
    The name is: "See me pink"
    And the shadows: Cat's Meow, Fifi, Starlet and Chic

  • Halifax says:

    >I'd use Peachy Keen, Hot Ginger, Cream d' Nude and Metro. Maybe call it Summer City

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Lalelu* — SMH ships anywhere in the world. :)

  • Prasanthi says:

    >Wine Not, Dominatrix, Unzipped, Bees Knees….."After Dark" :)

  • Brandi says:

    >Wow, this is super fun!

    Quad name: IndiGLOW

    Shadows: Foxy, Ultra Violet, Cat's Meow and Fantasy!

  • Bluebell says:

    >Violet Desire Quad:

    Plum Crazy

  • Joanne says:

    >My quad would be: Rush Hour, Bombshell, Scandalous, and Sparks

    and I would call it "James Bond Girl".

  • hi says:

    >Fresh, Sunshine Girl, Mermaid, and The White Shadow

    I call it "summer"

  • Ariana says:

    >Fireflies, Call A Treuse, Teal Tuesday, and Euphoria

    I would call it "Cutie Fruitini"

  • Camden Stuebe says:

    >Sparks, Sex Pot, Striptease, and Euphoria

    The Hot & Bothered Palette :)

  • Erica says:

    >Carnal Knowledge, Breathless, Charade and Scandalous.

    The Torrid Affair Palette

  • Lizzard says:

    >ohhh what a great idea!

    ok ok!…

    Colors: Champagne, Guilty as Sin, Sex Pot, Couture

    Name: In the Heat of the Night

  • daffy says:

    >I just discovered their shadows, I was looking for mac pigment samples, and I stumbled across your site after googlings SMH eyeshadow reviews! I'm really excited to try them…

  • daffy says:

    >right, i forgot to add my quad,

    I'm on a huge green kick so I would go with

    Call a Truese, X-Treme, Teal Tuesday and Scandalous and call the quad LimeTIme

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >OMG! I just died and gone to heaven of eye shadows~ these are GORGEOUS! i like the warm bronze,red, pink (all the warm colours) the best.

  • Devin says:

    >I would put together Fireflies, Call A Treuse, Teal Tuesday and Euphoria in a quad and call it "Naughty Neon".

    Love the brights, they are amazing!!

  • Lizzard says:

    >hello karla these are amazing, i tried to built my own 15 pan palette but not all colors are available, i tried to contact the owner twice but unfortunetly i still haven't gotten a response, can you help me out here? is there a customer service email other than the contact form on their website?

    thanks you!

    please email me @

  • Ria says:

    I love all your swatches (of SMH and other brands too)! Can’t wait for your swatches of SMH’s new eyeshadows :)

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