These Boots Were Made for Shopping (a TNBTTGSY, Shopbop, Frye Boots giveaway)

Hey Readers,

Shopbop contacted me and asked if they could do a giveaway ($100 gift card!). And even though it’s not exactly makeup (aww), I thought the prize was something you guys would want, so I decided to go with it. (I’m not receiving any compensation or getting anything out of hosting the giveaway; I just thought you’d enjoy it.)

And the contest is open to TNBTTGSY readers anywhere in the world! Woo! So without further ado, here’s their guest post.
Guest post from Shopbop:
Frye BootsHello, TNBTTGSY Readers!

We have something special for you today! It’s a little stretch from the swatches you’re used to seeing, but it’s fun to mix it up every now and then, right? Besides, beauty involves looking good from head to toe.

Let’s start with the “toe” part, then. We’re giving away a $100 instant gift card to one lucky commenter who tells us about their favorite pair of Frye boots from The most insightful and creative comment takes the prize! Psst, international readers, this one is for you too!
frye boots
Why are Frye boots such a big deal?

The Frye Company is the oldest shoe company in the United States, designing and manufacturing coveted boots since 1863.

Way back in the day (Civil War times), Frye boots were worn by Union and Confederate soldiers. The tradition continued through the Spanish-American War up to WWII. Even famous historical figures like Teddy Roosevelt and General Patton were avid Frye boot wearers! Today, you may not see any soldiers rocking these kicks but you will for sure see lots of celebrities showing off their Fryes. Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan are huge Frye enthusiasts.

In the past few decades, Frye successfully built a loyal following for its quality and versatility. I mean, there’s nothing worse than having a pair of boots that can’t transition from day to night (well, maybe a foundation that’s too dark).

Frye boots are good for everybody. Seriously. With more than nine general styles, there is something for everybody. The Harness or Engineer Boot (originally created to protect bikers from the heat of exhaust pipes), can be partnered up with motorcycle or a flowy skirt. Talk about versatility. Rachel Zoe would be proud.

What would you do with them? Which style is your favorite? What kind of makeup would you wear in a new pair of these babies? Because if you win this giveaway, you’ll get a $100 instant gift card so you can start shopping right away for your new wardrobe staple. Let’s face it, boots are a staple for your fall and winter wardrobe. By commenting on this post, you are one step closer to a stylish addition to your closet! Tell us which pair of Frye boots is your favorite and how you’d wear them. The most creative, insightful comment wins!

This contest is open though Friday, November 13 — midnight, central time.

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4 Responses to “These Boots Were Made for Shopping (a TNBTTGSY, Shopbop, Frye Boots giveaway)”

  • Proximity says:

    >Darn. It re-formatted my entry … squished it all together. What a shame.
    Oh well. It was fun to write anyhow :)

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >Gosh, I'm terrible with names. I called Matilda "Melissa." See, I told you being unemployed was kicking my butt! LOL

  • cleung341 says:

    >Wow, I've never heard of Frye boots, but what a great history this company has.
    I actually really like the Frye style. I love buckles! I think buckles are classic and will never go out of style. I'm sure these boots would last a while, so keeping the boots classic is a must! I would wear them with skinny jeans and show these babies off!

  • Samantha says:

    >Aww, I don't own/wear any leather, so these boots are out for me, but there will definitely be a happy TNBTTGSY out there after this contest!

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