Bobbi Brown Holiday: Neiman Marcus Exclusives

We’ve looked at a few parts of Bobbi Brown’s holiday collection already: the Earth Metal Palette, the Chrome collection, including the Chrome palette. Today I have a few more pieces for you. Neiman Marcus, by virtue of its special relationship with Bobbi, sometimes gets exclusive pieces to collections. This holiday, those pieces are three mini Shimmer Bricks and two Lip Color lipsticks. [Edit: you can find these pieces in Bergdorf Goodman, too, if you happen to be in NYC.]

The mini Shimmer Bricks are $45 each (a regular Shimmer Brick is $38). I was sort of hoping they’d be sold in a set — a trio of mini shimmerbrick cuteness. No such luck. I assume the hefty price of these is based on their heavy compacts. The sales associates at the Bobbi counter were sort of horrified that I swatched these so heavily — and with a sponge. They said to avoid the metallic look, use a light hand and don’t swirl your brush in them. I was thinking a skunk brush might be the answer — they pointed out an official Bobbi Brown goat hair Face Blender brush for the job. (I don’t think Bobbi has a skunk in her line.)

All three Shimmerbricks had a lot of multicolored sparkle. They were all pretty, but Nectar was my favorite — it reminds me of MAC’s Porcelain Pink.
Bobbi Brown, Shimmerbrick, Shimmer Brick, Plum, Nectar, Sandstone, Pink Nectar, Sand, Port, swatches
There are also two new lipsticks: Sand and Pink Nectar. Port is being repromoted from the Chrome collection. The lipsticks are regular price at $22, and I LOVE Pink Nectar.

Bobbi Brown Neiman Marcus Exclusives: Plum, Sandstone, Nectar, Shimmerbricks, Sand, Port, Pink Nectar, Lip Color

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8 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Holiday: Neiman Marcus Exclusives”

  • Pau F says:

    >are those shimmerbricks available online?
    great swatches Karla, thanks a lot!!!

  • JennXOXO says:

    >Wow, Nectar and Sandstone look pretty! Thanks for the pretty swatches Karla! :D

  • Becca says:

    >Why are they more expensive? I don't get it…lol…

  • Crystal.S says:

    >Lovely colors; great swatches!

  • Tiffany says:

    >How odd that they're more expensive than the regular ones if they're smaller…you mentioned heavy compacts, are they significantly different than the regular packaging? I don't own any Shimmerbricks, so I'm just curious.

  • aksaiyo says:

    >hehe I think we have similar tastes! I got nectar, :P even though plum was very pigmented and tempting. Currently loving Surprise me as well :D Strange, since I think we have different skin tone right? I'm NC25.

  • Honor says:

    To your opinion Karla and since you havé reviewed ost of them what is the shimmerbrick with the lowest level of shimmer? Specially between peony, nude, beige , rose . Thank you so much

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Honor, I regret to say I’m not familiar with some of the ones you mentioned… and I don’t know if I’d call any of the Shimmerbricks “low shimmer.” Perhaps you’d prefer a different highlighting product?

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