Cargo Eastern Eye Pencil Collection

Cargo, Eastern Eye Pencil CollectionThere was one more item in Cargo’s limited edition display (Pau F actually mentioned it in her comment yesterday!). Between the Hands of Hope Palette and the Mediterranean Nights Palette

there was a set of five eye pencils, and I thought “might as well swatch those, too.” Either there’s a typo on Sephora’s website, or the N had been scratched off my Sephora display, which named this the Easter Eye Pencil Collection (seemed like an odd choice for this time of year).
Now, I have to warn you, I’m ridiculously uncoordinated with my left hand. I’m not very good at drawing neat lines (which is why I almost never swatch on my right arm). Still, these pencils did not bowl me over. I guess I’m spoiled about eyeliner now (thanks, Prestige, MUFE, MAC, Stila, and Urban Decay), but these weren’t ridiculously soft or smooth (or pigmented, in one swipe).
If you love the colors, the price is great: $18 for a set of five minis.
Cargo, Eastern Eye Pencil, Eastern Eyeliner, swatches
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9 Responses to “Cargo Eastern Eye Pencil Collection”

  • Proximity says:

    >I do like the colors. I wonder if anyone has experience wearing these – are they long-lasting? How are they on the water-line??

  • Jeweled Thumb says:

    >I thought these were beautiful but I couldn't stand the smell! They smell exactly like a #2 pencil and it was bad enough that I returned.

  • Tiffany says:

    >I read through some of the comments on these on Sephora yesterday and yeah, a lot of people said they were on the hard side. I like the color of the green-gold one…looks like Urban Decay's Stash pencil.

  • Proximity says:

    >aha, lemming killed. If you like the green-gold one, it looks similar to Sue Devitt's Bangalore eye intensifier – those are like jumbo pencils, but they're really creamy and nice :)

  • Lucrecia says:

    >Karla it is Easter. At least that's what it said at my Sephora too. doubt the "N" was worn off on both.

  • Pinch says:

    >I love the purple one! Looks like how Beauty Marked looks like in the pan!

  • Tiffany says:

    >Hm. I wonder if the typo was made on the displays (in which case, yikes) since "Eastern" fits better with the names of the other Sephora-exclusive items. At any rate, I'm pretty sure I have dupes of all of these except the blue.

  • themakeupdrawer says:

    >I'm pretty sure it's called the "Eastern" Eye Pencil Collection. All 3 of the Sephora stores I go to have it labeled as "Eastern." I really liked these -the colors are really pretty but they are really hard. They smell just lie #2 pencils as someone already said. Also, they don't last very long. The purple, olive-yellowish green, and blue kind of reminded me of the Smashbox artist Muse pencils.. so I returned the set. Not really worth it if you already own similar colors.

  • JeSuisleFancy says:

    >I love your website! However I don't like sephora whatsoever…is there anyway you would ever consider swatching products from saks or neimans like trish mcevoy? I would love it! thank you for everything!!

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