Clarins Holiday 2009: Palazzo d’Oro

Clarins, Gold Attraction, Palazzo d'Oro, eye paletteI’ve received a number of reader requests to pay more attention to Clarins, and the pictures I’ve seen online of their holiday collection this year (Palazzo d’Oro) stopped me in my tracks.

Tracking the collection down, however, was actually somewhat challenging. At Nordstrom and Dillards, when I asked, “do you have Clarins’ holiday collection?” they responded, “do you mean the sets?” I finally found Palazzo d’Oro at Macy’s � but there are no testers. If you want to try, you must buy. (Perhaps this is not the case in other places; different areas might also find them in different retailers.)

The collection contains an eye palette (four shadows and a cream liner, $66). The top two shades are both shimmery: pale pink and melon-gold. The bottom two are satin warm purple-grey and matte brown with a few tiny gold sparkles. The cream liner is very dark brown and swatched beautifully.

Clarins, Gold Attraction, Palazzo d'Oro, highlighterThe “face compact” is a highlighter ($57), and should you choose to buy it, your first task will be to scrape off the layer of insane gold overspray (I used a triangle sponge). Once that’s gone, you’ll be left with a delicate, finely milled gold highlight which is actually very pretty.

Both compacts are ridiculously heavy.

There are two more holiday items, each $23.50. There’s a mascara with shimmer (which I did not try), and a Joli Rouge lipstick. The lipstick is really a topcoat � you could wear it alone for a subtle, festive, lipgloss-like shine on your bottom lip (but it looks weird on the top lip). It smells like Juicy Fruit gum, and the gold sparkles feel a bit grainy. The effect is pretty, though, and feels worth it for a special occasion. Now to get myself invited to a suitable holiday gala.

Clarins, Palazzo d'Oro, holiday, swatches, Gold AttractionClarins Holiday: Palazzo d’Oro, Gold Attraction, Joli Rouge Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick
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7 Responses to “Clarins Holiday 2009: Palazzo d’Oro”

  • Kristina says:

    >Huh! So did you end up buying it, then? If so, do you think it is/was worth the money? I saw it and thought it was beautiful in the first pictures from Clarins (they stopped me in my tracks, too!) but then the price tag, well… it got those tracks moving again :D

  • Houston Living says:

    >It's nice, but I don't think it is a must have for me. Sorry you had to buy it to swatch it. That's insane. I hope you get some use out of it! I like the pink color in the palette.


  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >hmm, i wouldn't buy it to swatch it. the colours don't look interesting enough for me and i am such a Clarins fan!

    i was told this collection is a rip-off as the size is rediculously small…

  • The Mighty J says:

    >I love the face powder – finally something with actually gold colour in it and not just an overspray. I wasn't sure about the e/s palette but when the SA put them on me, I really liked it. Which reminds – I should get it out to use it LOL As for the mascara – meh-h I couldn't see any golden flecks or hightlights on it so I passed and I passed on the lippie ,too as I have something similar. Sorry you had to buy it Karla – maybe clean it up with Beauty So Clean and give it away to someone if you wouldn't use it?

  • amy@cafeMakeup says:

    >The swatches look a little bit like Cargo Essentials palettes, no? Well, it looks like a very useful palette to have at any rate. I'm sorry that you had to purchase this to swatch it…I'm so disappointed in Macy's lately.

  • All The Pretty Things says:

    >Macy's has gone completely downhill – I hate shopping there.

    And FYI – SA's are supposed to open live product if there are not testers, then damage it out and use it as a tester if anyone requests. I can be demanding because I work in the industry, and they know better!

    I hope you return it!

    The colors are pretty but they're not jumping out at me.

  • Tiffany says:

    >Clarins is one of those brands I tend to overlook because of their prices. That palette has me written all over it, but…I have enough similar things that I couldn't justify spending that much on it.

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