Guest Swatcher: Make Up For Ever Star Powder

Today’s swatches are brought to you by the gracious and lovely soaper1. Make Up For Ever’s Star Powders are loose eyeshadows (pigments), sold in .09 oz. sifter jars for $18 – $19. I’ve never used them myself, but I’ve heard that they’re particularly finely milled.

Luckily, my go-to source for MUFE information, Jojoba of My Makeup Reviews has also swatched the Star Powders (click here for her review of them or click here for her adventures mixing them with clear lipgloss). My favorite part of her review (the part that really sells it for me):

This is the most finely milled loose eye shadow I have tried. And Star Powders have an adhesive ability that many other loose eye shadows lack. You don’t have to apply them wet or over a base, they just stay on the lid for hours. When applied wet, you’ll lose some of the shimmer, but the colours will deepen and become more intense. And if you couple them with cream eye shadow or add a base underneath, they won’t smudge or crease.

Though there are color names in the pictures, it is worth noting that these aren’t “official” names (Star Powders are assigned numbers only). These are Sephora’s color names for them, and I don’t think they’re named very accurately. For example, Plum with Blue Highlights? It’s a bruisey red (red with some purple) that has blue sparkles/reflects. Oy. Make Up For Ever’s website has color descriptions that you might find slightly more satisfying.
Makeup Forever, MUFE, Star Powder, swatchesMakeup Forever, MUFE, Star Powder, swatchesMakeup Forever, MUFE, Star Powder, swatchesMUFE Star Powder: 902, 942, 944, 940, 930, 926, 947, 916, 951, 946, 922, 920, 910, 956, 960, 954, 955, 929, 950

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4 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Make Up For Ever Star Powder”

  • LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central says:

    >I have many of those that I want (wish I lived near a MUFE store where I could go swatch the whole collection properly, because MUFE's web site photos aren't enough for me to judge) but I do see two more I think I may pick up at some point: 946 and 951. (And…yes. Sephora's names are kind of sucky.)

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >ah, finally, i was wondering if you would do swatch for these beauties. they are certainly my favourites for pigments. so refine and so pigmented even though they look sheer when swatched. they are lasting without the need for a base too, seriously.

  • GreatSheElephant says:

    >They do look sheer though.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >GreatSheElephant – I think some of them are sheer (maybe 902, 940, 942, 944?), but I also think some of that might be a result of swatching technique?

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