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MAC, Love Lace, promoYesterday we took a look at MAC’s “warm” post-holiday collection, Warm & Cozy; today: Love Lace. Both of these collections release on December 26.

Love Lace offers four eyeshadows ($14.50): Pincurl (a repromote from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead), Hypnotizing, Love Lace, and Suave Intentions.

Despite being a Frost, Pincurl is a matte ash or smoke with a tinge of purple. Hypnotizing (Frost) is a greyed violet. Love Lace (Veluxe Pearl) is a marine blue, not quite navy; Suave Intentions (Veluxe Pearl) is a bright, lagoon blue.

There are also four Love Lace kohls (all $14.50). Fascinating (matte white) is a regular Eye Kohl — it’s also part of the permanent line. Sense of Style (blackened blue), Raven (blackened burgundy), and Feline (really black) are Kohl Power pencils, and are limited edition. We’ve seen Raven and Feline before; Sense of Style is a new shade.

MAC, Love Lace, swatches, Pincurl, Hypnotizing, Suave Intentions, Fascinating, Sense of Style, Raven, Feline, Icescape, Utterly Discrete, Utterly Discreet, Pretty Please, Intricate
MAC, Love Lace
I feel totally vindicated, because at last year’s post-holiday collection, Chill, I inadvertently swatched Viva Glam VI SE lipgloss instead of Icescape. My counter had either sold out of Icescape or never received a tester, and they placed VGVI SE in the display, rather than leave a gap. This year, Icescape has been repromoted, so I got a second chance.

The second Lipglass is newcomer Utterly Discrete (Utterly Discreet?), a sheer brown or brown-purple gloss with purple sparkles.

Pretty Please lipstick (Lustre) is a repromote from the permanent line; Intricate (Frost) is new — both are quite sheer. MAC’s lipsticks and glosses are $14 each.
MAC, Love Lace, swatches, Light Affair, Pretty Please, Intricate
There’s also a new, limited edition nail polish ($12): Light Affair. It’s a light, light, sliiiiiightly purple grey creme.

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12 Responses to “MAC Love Lace”

  • ctee says:

    >Oh, Karla. I so love and hate your blog!!!

    I like the lip products from Warm and Cozy but am loving the eye shadows and pencils from Love Lace!

    Hypnotizing (Was this super duper frosty?), love lace, sense of style are my must buys!

    Utterly Discrete looks interesting too.. hmm


  • Kate Gene says:


    I just wanted to THANK YOU for doing what you do! Your blog has been SO helpful. I always turn to you for swatches!


  • Brandi says:

    >Wow….never bought anything from a MAC collection but I am so tempted right now to buy something from this one!!

  • LaDonna says:

    >I LOVE hypnotizing and suave intentions

  • Estelle says:

    >Wow, I haven't lemmed MAC in a while, but there are several items from this collection calling my name! Thanks, Karla!!

  • lexi920 says:

    >I am pleased to say that I only like two items shown – Love Lace e/s and Sense of Style pencil…yay I'm actually moved by a MAC collection – I haven't felt interest since Style Black in September!

  • Victoria says:

    >Uh oh…. I'm looking at Hypnotizing and I think its going to break my one day long no-buy XD

  • labyorkie says:

    >The official MAC pics were not at all tempting to me. Then I saw your swatches.

    Now I am debating Love Lace and Suave Intentions. I have about a week to see if I have any shadows that look similar in order to avoid buying these. Two liners (Raven and Sense of Style), on the other hand, are definite purchases for me.

  • Babybubblz says:

    >the swatch of hypnotizing looks very pretty

  • Tree says:


    I was wondering whether you'd be willing to swatch the Trish Mcevoy shadows? That would be enormously useful!


  • almondsandapples says:

    >Gah, SO many of those eye kohls look amazing! I definitely want to give Hypnotizing and Love Lace a try. I think Light Affair looks really pretty too, even if it isn't exactly bright. Maybe this winter I'll finally be able to step awaayyy from the neons :P

  • Obsessed.Makup.Addict says:

    >Hypnotizing and Love Lace are beautiful…every time I say enough no more, there is something newer and to die for out there

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