MAC Warm & Cozy

MAC has two and a half post-holiday collections this year (all releasing December 26): Warm & Cozy (a large, predominantly warm color collection with some skincare components), Love Lace (a smaller, primarily cool color collection), and In the Studio (the launch of MAC’s new mascara, Studio Fix).

MAC, Warm and Cozy, promoI figured we’ll look at Warm & Cozy first, because I am SO excited about this collection (I know, I’m biased — but what an alluring name for a winter collection!).

First: the powders. There are four Warm and Cozy eyeshadows ($14.50), three limited edition shades and one repromote from the permanent line. Chamomile, Modelette, and Mulled Cider are all Satins, but they perform more like Matte²s (smooth, pigmented, matte finish). Embark, the permanent shade, is a regular Matte finish, and it’s chalky.

I love these colors, but they definitely remind me of Cargo’s Essential Eye Palettes.

There are also two new Mineralize Skinfinish (MSFs, $27). Peach-tan Comfort will be a highlighter for darker skintones (what do you think, could it be a bronzer for light-to-medium folks?). By Candlelight is a pink-gold highlighter similar to Porcelain Pink, but perhaps a little more emphatic. More pigmented, more sparkly, a little more frosty — if you thought Porcelain Pink was a tad too subtle, try By Candlelight. (Just for fun: By Candlelight looks maybe slightly more beige than Bobbi Brown’s Nectar Shimmerbrick, which looks a bit more pink, I think.)
MAC, Warm and Cozy, swatches, MSF, Comfort, By Candlelight, Chamomile, Modelette, Mulled Cider, EmbarkThere are two Warm & Cozy nail polishes ($12): sheer peach Blissed Out and dark chocolate Dim the Lights (which reminds me of Rich, Dark Delicious from MAC’s Nail Trend collection with Jin Soon Choi).
MAC, Warm and Cozy, swatches, Blissed Out, Dim the LightsThere are four new shadesticks ($16.50): Nurture, Relaxed, Cuddle, and Warm & Cozy.

There are also three lipsticks ($14): Spiced Tea (Glaze), Warm Me Up (Amplified Creme), and a repromote of the permanent Siss (Satin).

And four Lipglasses ($14): 2N and 3N are repromotes from the N Collection; Feeling Dreamy and Light That Fire! are new.
MAC, Warm and Cozy, swatches, shadesticks, Nurture, Relaxed, Cuddle, Warm & Cozy, Spiced Tea, Warm Me Up, Siss, 2N, Feeling Dreamy, 3N, Light that Fire!MAC, Warm and Cozy, TLC, Tinted Lip Conditioner, Feelin' Good, Close for ComfortThere are also two Warm & Cozy Tinted Lip Conditioners ($14.50) — and Feelin’ Good was the only piece of the collection my counter hadn’t received. I tried a few other counters, but I just couldn’t track down that second shade.

I have to say though, I loved Close for Comfort. It felt creamier than previous TLCs. The shade was very natural (super subtle) on my lips: barely a hint of color.
MAC, Warm and Cozy, swatches, Tinted Lip Conditioner, TLC, Close for ComfortBut wait, there’s more! The Tinted Lip Conditioners segue nicely into the skincare component of Warm & Cozy. The collection also includes:

  • a repromote of MAC’s regular lip conditioner (in a stick, like Chapstick), $13.50
  • a repromote of MAC’s regular lip conditioner (in a tube), $13.50
  • the new! permanent! Mineralize All-Over Lotion ($29.50). I am dying to try this. It’s for face AND body, unscented, with consideration for sensitive skin. I tried a little bit on my hands after swatching, and it dried down in about a minute — which is exactly what I want if I’m going to apply during the day and keep typing. (I didn’t find that the Naked Honey products — or for that matter, L’Occitane’s hand cream — met this standard.)
  • For those who like their lotion scented, the collection also includes Care Blends Essential Oils, in Sweet Orange + Lavender and Grapefruit + Chamomile ($19.50 each). You could add a drop of these to your Mineralize All-Over Lotion, use them alone, or even mix them into makeup (to make it more emollient).
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23 Responses to “MAC Warm & Cozy”

  • Lina (TheBeautyLookBook) says:

    >Karla – can I saw HOW AWESOME YOU ARE again?! Your awesomeness is not even quantifiable, there is so much!!! I wasn't even tempted by this collection (MSFs excluded since I collect most of them) until I saw your pictures/swatches.

    You have me sold on the new eyeshadows, TLCs and NPs. Why oh why do they have to release it the day after christmas? I've been avoiding the mall like the plague.

    TY for these!!!!

  • everbluec says:

    >I love your swatches!!!
    DOes Modelette look more like soba(satin finish)?

    Modelette look like a good transition color.


  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Good call, everbluec! They do look similar. It looks like Soba is a tiny bit darker (more brown); Modelette a little lighter (more tan).

  • Erin says:

    >Thanks SOOOO much for these swatches!! What a great help you are!

    Now I know what to get. I love the e/s, but I will pass on Embark because I have it already. (thank goodness)

  • Erin says:

    >Oh yea and the shadesticks, LOL.

  • Katya says:

    >I dont know but i think Chamomile looks really similar to Blank Type..
    Thanks a lot for the swatches – helps a lot!

  • Sammi says:

    >Wow, I think I need Milled Cider; just when I thought I had no more MAC lemmings… Darn you Karla!!!

  • amynicola_ox says:

    >thanks so much forthese karla,
    i always rely on your swatches to make a wishlist haha and i've done just that- the shadesticks are beautiful and chammomile e/s looks so pigmented unlike some satins!

  • Jessica says:

    >Wow, am I the only one that thinks this collection is Boring (w/ a capital "B") I don't see anything unique about these shades personally…they're all shades I probably have 2-3 dupes of each…

    I'm not a huge fan of sparkle in MSFs, so By Candlelight is out for me, and Comfort MSF looks too yellow/orange to use as a realistic bronzer.

    The only thing I find interesting is the polish in Dim the Lights- probably because of it's resemblance to melted chocolate! Oh well, that'll save my wallet some post-holiday shock!

  • Shayla says:

    >I wasn't excited for this collection before, but now that I've seen your swatches, I might have to pick up a little something!

  • Analytic Approach to Style says:

    >same as almost everyone above, I wasn't really interested 'till I saw your swatches. now I'm sooooo tempted. it lives quite up to its name… such warm & cozy!

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >i like the name of the collection. so fitting for the cold winter. (though we don't have winter. LOL)

    those colours are all right by my colour. i think this time, i may cave…

    you rock.

  • Marce says:

    >I was excited about this collection, since I love neutrals, and now I think I know what exactly I'll be getting. Thanks so much, Karla =)

  • greystrawberrys says:

    >Wow thanks for this, I really like this collection, and I was looking for a warmer palette of colours and those shadesticks look really nice! I would love to snag the pretty pink nail varnish and a few shadesticks! x

  • Tiffany says:

    >I am quite curious about the lotion. I might have to pick that up. And the shadesticks. And the TLCs. Ack.

  • ctee says:

    >Thank you for the swatches! I'm def getting the TLCs and 2N!

  • Madi says:

    >Hi Karla,
    I was wondering if the MAC shadestick in Relaxed was similar to Benefit's creaseless cream eye shadows in Busy Signal? Thanks for ur blog, it's awesome!


  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Thanks, Madi! They do look similar! Maybe Relaxed is a bit darker?

  • Lizzard says:

    >i love everything in this collection!

  • Christy says:

    >Great swatches :) I can't wait for the counter to get this in so I can try it all out. I have the Mineralize Lotion already and it's love! Quick drying and extremely hydrating. It's working wonders on my eyelids that get dried out from Paint Pots and UDPP.

  • J-ezzy says:

    >I can't wait to run to my closest MAC counter to try By Candlelight!!

    Thanks :)

  • @DdY says:

    >Loving this collection! But I wonder, is Warm Me Up and Cosmo identical?

  • Elaina says:

    I LOVED this collection, as I prefer warm tones. I bought 2 each of the Nurture and Cuddle Shadesticks and use them almost every day :)

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