Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

It fills me with joy when a company makes a foundation that runs from very light to dark. I think I’m almost as happy when foundation shades are numbered in a logical progression.

So let’s take a look at Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet + foundation, a shine controlling, oil-free, water-resistant, full coverage liquid foundation (actually it has a “heavy liquid” — almost liqui-gel texture to it). Mat Velvet + is $34 for a 1.01 oz. bottle.

The gorgeous Aradiapdx wears Mat Velvet + in shade 15 in winter (see pictures of her here, here, and here), so I asked her for her thoughts on it:

Is it just me, or is it really annoying when companies decide not to spell things out fully? But about the foundation: Great coverage. It can be sheered out a little, to medium coverage if applied right (damp beauty blender can do this well) or used for full coverage.

Actually, sometimes after I apply MV+, I will go back and apply more of the foundation with a concealer brush for minor blemishes and such. Since it is the same product, no stress over finding a color match. That trick works fine for minor problems, but for major blemishes you would want to use an actual concealer. This doesn’t work so well for undereye either because it’s a bit too dry/matte for that area. Which leads to the next question: who it is best for?

Dry skinned folks probably wouldn’t like it so much. I could see it accentuating problems. I always lightly moisturize before using and I am not dry skinned. Sometimes, if I feel it’s a bit heavy, I mix it with a little moisturizer, extra sunscreen, or tinted moisturizer to thin it a little. When my skin is being oily or sweaty, this stuff is the best because it really stays put well through all of that.

It does give a very nice matte finish, and can be applied without looking horribly cakey. I generally use a beauty blender sponge, but that’s just my preference. I am sure others out there do just as well with other methods. The nice thing about using a matte base is that you can still use highlighters and other products to add a little “glow” back in, but you can choose where you want to glow. Naturally glowy foundations can easily translate into shiny-looking mess everywhere on oily girls. With this, you can decide to have a matte face with slightly glowing cheeks, etc.

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15 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation”

  • WENDE says:

    >This is wonderful for very oily and almost 40 skin. Blends well and hangs tough for several hours, even on my slick. BTW, so you're not bugged anymore, mat is an alternate, but correct and complete spelling of matte… if that's what you were referring to:)

  • Chaosophia says:

    >Thanks for this post!! In Sephora the other day I was blown away to see a foundation that is light enough for me (shade 15). But I am so picky about foundation that I wanted to read reviews and look into it a little more before spending the money. I'll definitely give it a shot now :)

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >this is a super foundation if you want STRONG coverage. i feel it's the strongest from MUFE that i have tried and you know i have tried about just all… *_*

    your swatches are fabulous. we don't ever get as many shades here. but i am going to double check the counter as i haven't been there for ages.

  • Musicalhouses says:

    >This is a great post! It's good to see they do have a wide range of colors, and thanks for the swatches karla!

  • Bedalyz says:

    >I love it when you do foundation swatches!

    I liked this fondation, but the shade I was matched with, #55, was to peachy for me and for the first time ever, I ended up orange after a few hours wearing it. First time that happens to me. I liked how it performed though. Good coverage.

  • rayqueenbee says:

    >Thanks for the post, now I know I'm between a 80 and 85.

  • gian christine says:

    >I'm an NC35 in MAC. What color do you think would match me? Thanks =)

  • PlatinumV says:

    >I really would like to know why in the Italian Sephora you can only find a single light colour of MUF foundation… I had to buy HD Foundation too dark for my skin colour, just because there weren't lighter shades!

  • theOracle says:

    >Hi, thanks for the swatches.

    Would you know which shades are for yellow undertones?

    I tried on, full faced, no.60. Although it was the exact match when I left the store, a few hours later, it oxidized into a pinkish tone.

  • LNU says:

    I got the powder foundation from MUFE, and it was great, but the only problem was no color really matched me. Maybe I’ll find a better color match in this one, I’m gonna visit the boutique soon!

  • Tiffany says:

    hmmm just like the comment before, i was matched perfectly but an hour later it turned not so much pink but a pumpkinie orange shade….

  • Nishi says:

    Just wondering,roughly what shade of Mat Velvet would I be if I use Mac NC45. I’m darker skinned but yellow (clear) undertone. Thank you!

  • Rachel says:

    Nishi I’m NC45 too and that shade looks quite orange on my skin before I blend it. I have seen some youtube video’s and a few blogs where girls have opted for shade 70. And it looks more yellow than orange also :) . I’ll be getting that one too soon. Hope this helps.

  • Nishi says:

    Thanks Rachel! I was between the 70 and 75 just didn’t want anything that was too pink or orange. Thanks again. If you do get it, could you let me know how it goes?

  • Eliza says:

    What shade would be good for me if I used the Lancôme bisque 7N??

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