Sneak Peek: Guerlain Spring 2010, Lip Innovation

Guerlain has two new collections on the horizon for spring. You’ve most likely heard something about Cherry Blossom, the eyes-and-face collection; the second collection is a celebration of lighter coverage, high-shine lips. Lip Innovation introduces two new lipstick formulas: Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Strass and a more sheer version of Rouge G called Rouge G Le Brilliant.

Guerlain already has a large, established line of Kiss Kiss lipsticks. There are “regular” Kiss Kiss lipsticks (Precious Colors), Kiss Kiss Extreme (High Fidelity Colors), Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine (sheer), Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss, and the recently introduced Kiss Kiss Baby Balms. The newcomer is Kiss Kiss Strass ($31). I’m not entirely sure of Strass’s place in the Kiss Kiss continuum, but the new lipsticks are reported to be lightweight in texture, with a glossy, shiny formula containing moisturizing ingredients, as well as uncommonly finely milled mother-of-pearl. It is supposed to have a fruity scent (instead of Guerlain’s usual violet?), and costs $31.

The shades are:
The Red Gold family

320 Rouge Taffetas
321 Rouge Broderie
322 Cuivre Drapé
The Yellow Gold family
340 Beige Mousseline
341 Brun Parure
342 Orange Sequin
343 Brun Satin

The Pink Gold family
360 Rose Perle
361 Rose Strass
362 Corail Dentelle

Rouge G Le Brilliant is a lighter, more sheer version of the Rouge G formula. The lipstick still contains crushed rubies, and all of the hydrating ingredients of the full-coverage original, and comes in 10 shades, all starting with the letter B. Rouge G Le Brilliant is $46.

The Nude family
B01 Blondie
B02 Barbara
B03 Bridget

The Red family
B20 Berry
B21 Bianca
The Pink family
B60 Beatrix
B61 Brenda
B62 Betsy
B63 Bella
The Orange family
B40 Brit
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4 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Guerlain Spring 2010, Lip Innovation”

  • Lori J says:

    >Beautiful Karla! All those rosy shades make me look forward to sprng!

  • Stephanie says:

    >Gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up, Karla. I thought spending $34 on my beloved YSL Rouge Voluptes is ridiculous.

  • shaynaJo says:

    >hii, thanks for the info and the swatches! love them…

    Pretty Please Lustre lipstick is so pretty! might wanna get it! hahaha =D

  • Angelica says:

    What are the shade names of the center and right Rouge G’s above?
    In the poster with Natalia Vodianova, what shade is she wearing? What are the names of the first 2 shades in the poster with her?


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