TFMA: The Marvelous Q-Tip

If you’ve ever worn lipstick or gloss (and if you’re reading this, I assume you have), you’re familiar with “the line.” In the first few minutes after application, product collects where your lips touch, and once it’s there, it’s usually going to end up on your teeth.

You could eliminate the line by putting your finger in your mouth, closing your lips around it, and drawing it out. But you’ll have lipstick or gloss on your finger.

Which brings me to today’s Tip From a Makeup Artist:

A better solution (which I just learned) is to clean up the line with a q-tip. Apply your lip-product-of-choice, give it a minute to settle, then take a q-tip and roll it along the inside of your pout. It erases the line, but it also blots the lipstick right where you’re most at risk of transfer to teeth. It’s so simple, yet genius! And this confirms my suspicion that the q-tip is actually the world’s most useful makeup tool.

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