Chanel Spring 2010: Les Impressions de Chanel

Les Impressions de Chanel, Chanel, spring 2010Spring has arrived at my local Chanel counter (and online), and “clean, classic neutrals” are the theme — Chanel, you know my weakness.

As is usual for a Chanel seasonal collection, Les Impressions has a lot to the offer. Attracting a lot of attention so far is the Kaska Beige eyeshadow quad ($56) — the shades are light matte/satin peach, matte purpley wood brown, a shimmery purple brown (not quite as dark as last Spring’s Magic Night, more purple than the darkest shade in the Mystic Eyes quad), and a shimmery copper-sand.

There’s a new Le Crayon Yeux eyeliner ($28): 68 Khaki Dore. There’s also a new liquid eyeshadow (Ombre d’Eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow, $32) — 100 Torrent — in the exact same shade.

There are three single eyeshadows ($28.50), and they should be 84 Lily, 85 Sillage, and 86 Trace. My counter apparently never received a tester of light pink Lily, so they substituted Slate instead. Though I hate incomplete swatches, I’m kind of glad I got to see this one — Slate is ridiculously lovely.
Chanel, Spring 2010, Les Impressions de Chanel, Kaska Beige, Khaki Dore, Torrent, Slate, Sillage, Trace, Inattendu, Particuliere, Tendresse, swatchesThere are three nail polishes ($23) in this collection, and in my mind, Particuliere was an absolute stroke of genius. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s a chocolate mousse shade that takes on purple tones when I swatch it on my skin — I think it’s going to look a little different on everyone. Pale sheer peach Inattendu and pale sheer pink Tendresse didn’t hold the same magic for me.

I get a little “Joues Contraste blindness” every time Chanel puts out a new blush. Call it blush goggles. Would newcomer Imprevu look good on me? I can’t think clearly enough to decide, but I want to try it.

There’s also a limited edition highlighter, Empreinte de Chanel ($65). I swatched this very heavily to make sure I knew what the color was (peach-gold); I don’t love it quite as much as I did holiday’s brighter Les Tissages/Tweed.

For some reason there’s also a limited edition shade of Chanel’s Poudre Universelle (110 Beige Clair, $44). And Chanel is repromoting one shade of their otherwise discontinued Sheer Illuminating Fluid ($48, this product is very much like Armani’s Fluid Sheers).
Les Impressions de Chanel, Chanel, spring 2010, swatches, Poudre Universelle, Beige Clair, Empreinte de Chanel, Imprevu, Soleil Tan de ChanelAnd finally, spring lips. The lipsticks are all Rouge Allures (my favorite formula, tragically $30); the glosses are Glossimers ($27).

Impertinente is surprisingly berry for spring; Delicieuse is a bright coral. Insouciante is a pinky nude beige; Incognito is rose. Futile is clear with lots of silver sparkle; Maline is very sheer peach with lots of silver sparkle.
Les Impressions de Chanel, Chanel, spring 2010, swatches, Impertinente, Delicieuse, Insouciante, Incognito, Futile, MalineLes Impressions de Chanel: Kaska Beige, Sillage, Trace, Empreinte de Chanel, Imprevu, Beige Clair, Khaki Dore, Torrent, Inattendu, Particuliere, Tendresse, Futile, Maline, Impertinente, Delicieuse, Insouciante, Incognito, Soleil Tan de Chanel

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19 Responses to “Chanel Spring 2010: Les Impressions de Chanel”

  • Amina says:

    >I think I want just about everything here. Particuliere was love at first sight, its amazing. I'm off to see if I can find out when it hits UK! Fab swatches thank you.

  • itsybitsyknitsy says:

    >Ooooh, I love it!!! Very gorgeous colours!

  • Kelly says:

    >Particuliere nail polish is gorgeous! I'm a Chanel virgin but after the look of this collection that may just change :)

    Thanks for this, great swatches as ever!

  • blueskyfrog says:

    >Oh, the lipsticks are so dark… I thought those'd be nudes

  • Kristina says:

    >Ahh. I want Incognito even though I know it has to be just like 30 other lipsticks I already have. Particuliere looks lovely and perhaps a bit more unique, though; I'll have to check it out! Thanks, Karla!

  • Eileen says:

    >Your swatches of the collection are gorgeous! I've already been to the Chanel counter where the visiting MA did my make-up using the new collection. I came away with the Kaska Beige palette and the Rouge Allure in Delicieuse and Incognito. Although the Empreinte de Chanel and Joues Contraste were just too bronzed and gilded for my light winter complexion, I must admit that the collection as a whole is beautiful.

  • Replica says:

    >Great swatches as always. That must be the warmest spring collection I have seen so far.

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >girl, i have been received a mailer from local chanel saying that this is out here too. but i have been too busy to go shopping. i am so glad to see them on your arm first. maybe i don't need to make the trip afer all. but then again, i love going to the chanel boutique! :)

  • lmnmakeup says:

    >Wonderful swatches! I would love to see swatches from the Estee Lauder & Michael Kors Very Hollywood Collection please!

  • Laura - Emerald Green 88 says:

    >This collection is gorgeous! I love the highlighter but I'd be so scared to use it!

  • Proximity says:

    Slate is really lovely, I'd be all over it, but it's akin to my Shu M Brown 850 (which is like Slate without the warmth, it's more grey).
    I'm totally lemming Torrent though, I'm an absolute sucker for those gold/green sorts of shades. And I have one of the Chanel liquid eyeshadows and … it's HG level awesome. I just adore the stuff.

  • Victoria says:

    >*Drool* *stare* *Drool* *stare*

  • Tiffany says:

    >Hm. I can't take my eyes off Particuliere, but at the same time I can't decide whether or not I like it. I've tried similar colors and they just don't seem to work for me. Khaki Dore and Torrent are lovely, though. Thanks for the swatches!

  • innerchild says:

    >Thank you for the swatches, Karla! I may have to check out this collection personally as I'm a neutral freak :P May purchase the pressed powder, grey polish (definitely!), and eyeshadow quad. This collection is the loveliest I've seen among the upcoming Spring collections.

  • All The Pretty Things says:

    >Torrent looks amazing… I want to compare it to MAC's Sumptuous Olive to see if they can work together. :) And Insouciante looks gorge.


  • kilxover says:

    >The counter that I went to today didn't have testers yet, but I bought the blush Imprevu and the nail polish Particuliere, because I has seen the photos on the runway and have been pretty much counting the days until I could get my hands on that blush. I tried it on today and WOW it is just as amazing as it was on the runway! Love it and totally worth the what I paid. The entire collection looked gorgeous, thanks for the swatches.

  • Andreea says:

    I have been wearing Incognito for weeks now; I finally bought Tendresse and also the Kaska quad. This is the first collcetion where I bought some stuff together! I love it, despite the prices.
    Still – the quad i rather dark for spring and I bought Spices, which has nearly the same colours in a brighter and more sparkly edition.

    There is nothing more a girl needs ;-)

    And that comes from a former 100%NARS fan!

  • mandy says:

    I snagged the Soleil Tan de Chanel in Sunkissed yesterday and I have to say that it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS on my NW20 skin..I could see this working for a myriad of different skin tones! I used it today under my foundation and found that little something extra that my poor winter skin has been begging for! It is SO beautiful! It’s hard to find anyone saying anything about it, except just mentioning briefly, but I am feeling it is the unsung hero from this collection!

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