Guerlain Lip Innovation

Guerlain, Lip Innovation, promoThe second part of Guerlain’s spring release is Lip Innovation, which features the release of TWO new lipstick formulas. Kiss Kiss Strass ($31, meant to replace Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine, click here for old swatches), and Rouge G Le Brillant ($46), the shinier, glossier incarnation of Guerlain’s Rouge G formula. Click here to revisit the Lip Innovation Sneak Peek for the official word on these formulas.

Regrettably, my Guerlain counter did not have a complete set of testers (I hate that). Missing are Kiss Kiss Strass 343 Brun Satin and 361 Rose Strass, and Rouge G Le Brillant B60 Beatrix.

Guerlain has also divided the shades into color families for handy reference: in the Red Gold family are 320 Rouge Taffeta, 321 Rouge Broderie, and 322 Cuivre Drape; in the Yellow Gold family are 340 Beige Mousseline, 341 Brun Parure, 342 Orange Sequin, and the unswatched 343 Brun Satin; and in the Pink Gold family are 360 Rose Perle, the unswatched 361 Rose Strass, and 362 Corail Dentelle (my favorite, of course).
Guerlain, Kiss Kiss Strass, swatches, Rouge Taffetas, Rouge Broderie, Cuivre Drape, Beige Mousseline, Brun Parure, Orange Sequin, Rose Strass, Corail Dentelle
The Rouge G Le Brilliant lipsticks are gorgeous. They’re sheer and glossy and I like almost every shade — but at $46 each, I have to avert my eyes.

The Nude family: B01 Blondie, B02 Barbara, and B03 Bridget. The Red family: B20 Berry and B21 Bianca. The Pink family: the unswatched B60 Beatrix, B61 Brenda (if I had to choose one favorite, I think it would be Brenda), B62 Betsy, and B63 Bella. The Orange family: B40 Brit.
Guerlain, Rouge G Le Brilliant, swatches, B01 Blondie, B02 Barbara, B03 Bridget, B20 Berry, B21 Bianca, B61 Brenda, B62 Betsy, B63 Bella, B40 Brit
Also remember that all Guerlain lipsticks are scented, but testers, which stand open 24/7, lose their scent over time.

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6 Responses to “Guerlain Lip Innovation”

  • rkdoros says:

    >Thank you, Karla!!!!!!! I do 99.9% of my make-up/skincare shopping online and I rely on your swatches—–esp @ $46 a pop—-no room in my wallet for mistakes ;-)

    I'm in love with Chante's Lip Chics (thanks to you), but I'll have to pick up a few of the new Guerlain Brilliants for my collection just because I can't look away!

    THANK YOU (for today and belatedly for the past swatching, too). Have a WONDERFUL weekend :-)

  • Sarah x says:

    >Wow fantastic swatches, I have nothing so far from Guerlain but I think I might pick up one or two of the paler ones as they are gorgeous xx

  • Tiffany says:

    >Ugh, those prices…they look beautiful though. Perhaps Bianca will be my present to myself when my birthday rolls around.

  • Kate says:

    >thanks as usual for the awesome swatches!! i can't believe how many of these lippies i want…if only they could take…oh $30 off lol.

    anyways i have the exact same taste in color…love those corals!!

  • Jennifer says:

    These are great swatches! Do you ever end up purchasing any of the products you swatch? I was wondering if you ended up picking up one/some of these and how you liked the formula in terms of moisture, wear time, etc.

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