Improvements in Action!

I’ve been reading your comments and suggestions for site improvements — great ideas, guys, keep ‘em coming.

We’ve already started putting some of those ideas into action:

  • Mr. Salt has been working around the clock to bring back browsing by brand and by product type. In the top navigation, instead of “Swatches” you’ll see two new tabs: “Brand” and “Product Type.”  Mouse over those and you’ll see a drop-down menu to view by category.
  • This also affects the search — now you can search for a word within a brand or within a product type, like “blush.”
  • Several people have asked what happened to the old “Hot Topics” section (recaps, roundups, and other frequently referenced posts): they’re still grouped together, under “Hot Topics” in the navigation bar.
  • When you’re reading a full article, there are now buttons to read the next article or the previous article.
  • And this may seem silly, but now the button to view older posts is on the right, newer posts on the left.

We’re still working on the site — I just didn’t want to wait to put these into action.

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11 Responses to “Improvements in Action!”

  • bluematilda says:

    ooohhh…that’s very nice! thank you for bringing back the brands (i like that ginormous box that open as well as the drop down). thank you!!!!!

  • Leona says:

    awesome… ty for the update!! :o )

  • Komal says:

    Just to clarify, when I said I hate that each post has to be opened in a new tab, I know that that was kind of the point. What I meant was, I wish all the posts showed in more detail on the main page (like before), but maybe if we clicked the title we could get the entire article + comments in a new window? Sorry i’m just very anti clutter and having so many tabs open frustrates me! But obviously I dont expect anything, just trying to be helpful!

  • Val says:

    I’m loving the new site : ) Thanks for the update!

  • GalileosDaughter says:

    still having some problems viewing things in Safari (and Firefox) on my Mac. The Brands tab doesn’t open completely in either. I can’t see the search box in Safari, and in Firefox, when I use the drop down menu in the search function, it doesn’t bring up anything–it just says “Sorry The Post(s) You Are Looking For is not Found.” Now, I KNOW you’ve made several Chantecaille posts, since you’re the one who started my expensive Real Skin habit! ;)

  • kate says:

    I’m having some trouble with Firefox too. I don’t get the drop down boxes for brand and product type. If I open up internet explorer then they work.
    Thanks for keeping up the awesome work!

  • greatsheelephant says:

    I would just prefer the photos on the front page to be bigger, like they used to be. I don’t always need to read the full post when I’m looking at swatches.

  • Kristina says:

    I was wondering why is when I click on pic, it opens it in another window before it will let me enlarge it. It is a little tedious when trying to enlarge many pics within one post. There seems to be a lot of clicking and many windows within one post.

    Also, it would be nice if the pics were larger on the home page as well.

    Is it possible to have more of the post and story on the homepage instead of just a title and a headline before the jump? I think visually it would look much better too.

  • Julie says:

    I can’t see the Search box with Safari on my Mac. There are a lot of us Mac users out there!

  • Kristina says:

    Hey hun,

    The link to enlarge the NARS sheer glow foundation pics isn’t working. Have Mr Salt work his magic :)


  • KarlaSugar says:

    Those links, and a few others, are now fixed. – Mr. Salt

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