Kids, Grab Your Stuff! We’re Moving!

Totally thrilling news, ladies and gentlemen: As of today, TNBTTGSY has a new web address, a new look, and most importantly, several fantastic new features:

  1. Search works better. (Try it! It’s at the top right. And you can search within categories… ooh.)
  2. Clicking on an image will now open in a new window. (Finally!)
  3. There are categories now. Swatches are a separate category from Sneak Peeks and Tutorials. So I can post as many Sneak Peeks as I want without “interrupting” the swatches. If you’re looking for the NARS blush roundup or the MAC lipstick roundup, they’re in Hot Topics.
  4. The layout is prettier. There are fewer things jumbled in the right hand column. If you need my blogroll, it’s up in that very top navigation bar. (Also: I chose the color scheme.)
  5. The commenting system is better.
  6. TNBTTGSY is set up to do even more cool stuff in the future.  Like having a searchable, comparable photo gallery. But that’s still a little ways down the road.

Mr. Salt has worked SO hard to make this happen. (Thank you, Mr. Salt!)  There might still be a few kinks; if you notice anything out of place, please email me.

And please update your bookmarks!

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13 Responses to “Kids, Grab Your Stuff! We’re Moving!”

  • Congrats, Karla! It looks really good. I just want to lt you know that your blog is one of my favorites and is my primary resource for swatches. KarlaSugar is synonym for good, precise swatches!

  • Vee says:

    Congrats on the new web page! It looks fantastic! One personal gripe though – I can’t stand that “read full article” stuff. I don’t want to click on links *pouts* I want the full article right there!
    Other than that, awesome work, and thanks for doing what you’re doing!

  • Eveline says:

    OMG, I was so scared when blogger sent me here but now I’ve to say this new website it’s a lot better than the old one.
    So,let’s have a look at the new features ;)
    xoxo Eve.

  • Dawn Spangler says:

    I love reading your blog and seeing all the swatches. Thanks for all you do!

  • orangewasabi says:

    all together now . . . . THANK YOU MR. SALT!!

    this cat is still getting used to her new pen here at the upgraded TNBTTSFYS but it sure is nifty.

    congrats Karla, we couldn’t spend like we do without you :-)

  • Ally says:

    Awesome new site. Very organized. I like.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Vee — I thought about that one a lot, but ultimately I didn’t like how long the pages were running. (If there were five long articles on a page, you could be scrolling forever.) It made it harder (for me) to search for things, so I decided to go with excerpts + thumbnails. The feed should still publish full stories, so anyone with an email subscription or a feed reader shouldn’t notice a difference.

  • Congrats, Karla! I know how stressful it is to move–virtually and IRL!!

  • Lina says:

    Congrats Karla!!!!!

  • Kimkats says:

    Wow – this IS easier to comment, and to navigate. Thank you from all of us Mr. Salt!! This is very nice – I like it a lot!

  • Sylvie says:

    Congratulations on the new site!

  • Paris B says:

    Congratulations Karla! It IS a lot easier to follow you site now – thanks for doing all the swatch work ;)

  • Rae says:

    Karla!! I love it I love it I love it I love it! =D

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