MAC Blush: Mocha, Plum Foolery, Fever, Honor, Strada, and Blushbaby

Well, this should be the last of the MAC blushes. Tomorrow I’ll do a roundup post for easy reference.

Who knew Mocha was so gorgeous. I’d never even looked at it on account of its name, but it’s not “mocha” at all — it’s a really pretty pink. (NYX also has a not-brown blush called Mocha, but they’re not similar. The NYX version is much more red.) Plum Foolery is a shimmery plum-pink. Fever is matte, like red velvet cake.

MAC, blush, swatches, Mocha, Plum Foolery, Fever
Honor is a very shimmery peach gold topcoat. Strada is a milky beige-brown contouring shade — discontinued, to the chagrin of many. Blushbaby is a very sheer, browned peach-pink.
MAC, blush, swatches, Honor, Strada, Blushbaby
But to really appreciate the loveliness of Blushbaby, I think you have to see it on the gorgeous Jellyminx (of Jellyminx Thinks). Now every time I see someone with her coloring, I want to drag them to the MAC store.Blushbaby, MAC, blush
MAC’s potted blushes are $18.50; the pans are $15.50. To buy a pro shade, you can visit a pro store, or call 1-800-387-6707.

MAC Blush: Mocha, Plum Foolery, Fever, Honor, Strada, Blushbaby

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10 Responses to “MAC Blush: Mocha, Plum Foolery, Fever, Honor, Strada, and Blushbaby”

  • Kate says:

    Well, I now have 4 or 5 blushes that I want. Maybe I can swap for them…

  • Pinch says:

    Blushbaby looks so pretty! But at this point I’m sure it looks like something I already have. I guess I’ve come to a point where I feel I don’t need four blushes that look exactly like each other ;)

  • chrissie_xox2 says:

    Hey Karla, I was just wondering if it were possible to make it so that every time we click on a picture, it expands/zooms in immediately as opposed to opening a new tab with the same sized picture and then having to zoom in?? Just a suggestion – I read your blog all the time but this is my first time commenting, you’re doing an amazing job! Thanks!

  • Condesadepitimini says:

    Hi Karla,
    thanks for your hard work but… please… no more MAC blushes… it’s ages we do not see anything else here…
    I luv your swatches to bits, but I need to see NEW stuff swatched !!!(Pleeeasee!!) Thanks!!!

  • Ann says:

    I hadn’t heard about Strada being discontinued – that’s a shame. It’s the only MAC blush that I have, so I was waiting to see it all along!
    It’s a good shade for contour on those pale folks among us.

  • Vicky says:

    What’s the name/brand of the lipstick she’s wearing in the picture?

  • mandy says:

    mocha is one of my favorite mac blushes, with plum foolery trailing behind! i’m tempted to try sunbasque and blushbaby… i’m nw20…do you think that they would work well with my coloring?

  • I adore Blushbaby, and Strada is a longitme favorite. It doesn’t look very impressive in the pan but is lovely on!

  • Rica says:

    Whoa! Blushbaby looks perfect in the pic! Unfortunately, it looks muddy on my cheeks. :(

  • Alice says:

    What lipstick is she wearing in the picture? x

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