MAC Blush: Springsheen, Peachykeen, Fleur Power, Salsarose, Frankly Scarlet

You’ll forgive me if I’m partial to today’s blush swatches; Springsheen is one of my favorites. It’s a peach pink with gold shimmer (though I never see actual shimmer on my cheek) — not too pigmented, perfect for fairer skin.

What about NARS Orgasm, you ask? Orgasm is also peach-pink-with-gold, right? Orgasm is a little peachier, with a little more gold. For some, the gold shimmer is too much. For me, the extra peach makes it a little garish on my cheek. Of the NARS blushes, I prefer the pinker Deep Throat. NARS is also a more pigmented blush, and it’s easier to go overboard and add too much. I have to be careful with Deep Throat; I don’t have to think too hard about applying Springsheen.

Peachykeen is also peach-pink, but a little more beige pink than Springsheen. It has some gold sheen, but less than Springsheen.

Fleur Power is a strong, matte warm pink. Salsarose is an atomic rose red. Frankly Scarlet is comparatively warmer/less blue than Salsarose. It’s a strong rose-pink.
MAC, blush, swatches, Springsheen, Peachykeen, Fleur Power, Salsarose, Frankly Scarlet
MAC’s potted blushes are $18.50; the pans are $15.50. To buy a pro shade, you can visit a pro store, or call 1-800-387-6707.

MAC Blush: Springsheen, Peachykeen, Fleur Power, Salsarose, Frankly Scarlet

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9 Responses to “MAC Blush: Springsheen, Peachykeen, Fleur Power, Salsarose, Frankly Scarlet”

  • Lillian Funny Face says:

    >Oooh i have Frankly Scarlet and now i think i need salsarose XD

  • KateM says:

    >Springsheen and Style look very similar. Are there any significant differences?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Style is more pink (or more beige-pink), and has less gold to it. Springsheen is definitely peachier.

  • So Very Fabulous says:

    >Springsheen and Frankly Scarlett have been on my wishlist for a while. All of these are pretty colours really!

  • Anitacska says:

    >I also love Springsheen (it was suggested to me as a Stereo Rose substitute, although it's not the same, imo) and Peachykeen too.

  • Kathy says:

    >I love Fleur Power. It looks scary in the pan but it gives a really natural "just in from the cold" flush.

  • Monica says:

    >Yay for Springsheen lover! My fave shade hands down from MAC.

  • Ela says:

    Hello ,K!I wanna beg you to say me if the swatch of the Fleur Power is realistic,100%true or maybe 80% true,because I wanna buy it on line !Thanks!

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