MAC Blush: Trace Gold, Sunbasque, Gingerly, Cantaloupe, Raizin

Don’t worry, readers — we’ll be wrapping up this blush story this week; next week we’ll get back to collections.  Meanwhile, the peach-love continues.

Trace Gold is a very shimmery, very gold, peach-gold. One of my favorite MAC artists (we’ll call him Frodo) calls it a topical shimmer — to add anywhere. Sunbasque is a rosier shimmery peach-gold. Gingerly is a matte peach-brown, like a more emphatic version of Peaches. Cantaloupe (my number one “I can’t believe this is pro-only” blush) is also matte, a warm, slightly browned peach. Raizin (matte), is a very warm matte brown, like some expensive hardwood.

MAC’s potted blushes are $18.50; the pans are $15.50. To buy a pro shade, you can visit a pro store, or call 1-800-387-6707.MAC, blush, swatches, Trace Gold, Sunbasque, Gingerly, Cantaloupe, RaizinMAC Blush: Trace Gold, Sunbasque, Gingerly, Cantaloupe, Raizin

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4 Responses to “MAC Blush: Trace Gold, Sunbasque, Gingerly, Cantaloupe, Raizin”

  • OMA says:

    Ohhh you moved! I was like where did karla go??? Thank you times a million for the swatches of these blushes…now I want like 10 of them

  • Kathy says:

    I badly want Cantaloupe, but alas, no pro store here. I hate ordering without being to test it first, so these swatches are a godsend.

  • shadowy lady says:

    Cantaloupe is my fave MAC blush. I use it weekly, it’s just perfect! (NW25/30 for reference)

  • Lisa says:

    Yay great site, now I know which one to buy…

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