MAC Blush: Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Full Fuchsia, Azalea

Today’s blushes are all about being pretty in pink. Well Dressed is pale and cool (and slightly mauvey). Pink Swoon is just slightly warmer… but still cool. Well Dressed has a bit of a sheen to it; Pink Swoon is matte.

Dollymix is a high sheen, medium, “satin” pink (I call it that because I picture swishy dresses). Full Fuchsia is… fuchsia, and it reflects white (you can see the sheen in the picture). Azalea is maybe just slightly more atomic.

MAC’s potted blushes are $18.50; the pans are $15.50. To buy a pro shade, you can visit a pro store, or call 1-800-387-6707.
MAC, blush, swatches, Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Full Fuchsia, Azalea
So what brush do you use to apply your blush? Everybody has her (or his) own preference. Some folks like a duo fibre, or skunk, brush, because it applies diffusely, keeping you from putting on too much. It’s a good way to apply a loud blush.

My personal preference is for something like MAC’s 129, which is a paddle-shaped (not uniformly round), domed blush brush.

MAC Blush: Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Full Fuchsia, Azalea

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11 Responses to “MAC Blush: Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Full Fuchsia, Azalea”

  • graphology says:

    >Full Fuchsia ist gorgeous

  • Rae // theNotice says:

    >Oh, Azalea! I die.

    The 129 is my favourite too :P When it comes to cream blushers, though, you can't beat a foundation brush for that airbrushed finish!

  • lexi920 says:

    >i had gotten the #109 brush (discounted at the company store)and I don't know if i like it or not. It's such a small round head. I know it's good for direct placement of color but I just wish it was just a bit bigger.

    I may have to find that Dollymix – it's my sister's favorite, too!

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >some of the shades scare me. lol.

    MAC azalea is so different from LM azalea!

  • Maria Elizabeth says:

    >wow, those pro colors are so pretty! but kind of intimidating :b

  • Kathy says:

    >Pink blush seems to just sit on my skin. The only one I really like is Pink Swoon and a long-discontinued one called Angel.

    I don't use a MAC brush. I have an old shiseido that's pretty loosely bristled, but good for girls like me who tend to be heavy-handed.

  • Meri L says:

    >Pink Swoon is my husband's favorite. He loves to see me using it :)
    While for me, Dollymix and Well Dressed are perfect choice for fair skin tone.

    I'm still looking for perfect blush brush and eager to try different brush to see the finishing..Flat top brush, angled blush brush, standard blush brush like MAC 116, can't wait to get them. However I'm not planning to get MAC 187, simply because I don't like skunk brush :P

  • Audrey says:

    I really like the lighter blushes Mac

  • Rica says:

    What’s the difference between Full Fuschia and Azalea? I can’t see any comparison… :/

  • Athena says:

    Pink Swoon And Well Dressed Look very similar!
    I was going to buy both of them but they look about the same..whats the difference between them and which one would you prefer?
    I have a light skin tone(:
    Thank you!

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