MAC in Lillyland

MAC, Lillyland, promoTake one look at MAC in Lillyland and you’ll be convinced it’s spring — quite a feat, given that I’m wearing long underwear today.

The collection includes a number of interesting little “one-off” items, starting with the Pearlmatte powders. There’s a Pearlmatte eyeshadow trio ($19.50), containing white, green, and pink shades that swatch almost exactly the way they look in their promo pic. Pearlmatte is strange: the powder is very soft, but surprisingly softly pigmented. I definitely built these swatches up to their level of pigmentation.

There’s also a Pearlmatte face powder ($27), with four distinct colors which I swatched separately, then swirled together. The combined powder looks dark here, but I did use a sponge to swatch. Perhaps this face powder could be a blot powder for darker skintones, an all-over warming face powder for medium skintones, and perhaps a blush for the very fair? I think you’ll want a regular powder brush for this — I’m not sure a skunk would pick up enough powder.

MAC, Lillyland, swatches, Pearlmatte, face, powder, eyeshadow

Lillyland repromotes three of the paint pots ($16.50) — cream shadows that can be worn alone or under other powder shadows. It also repromotes two Technakohl mechanical eyeliners ($14.50): Graphblack (not swatched here) and Purple Dash. There are four new Lipgelees (lipgloss in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip; $14). These are super sparkly. And finally, there are two nail polishes ($12): Coconut Ice is new; Steamy is part of the permanent line. I was surprised by how much I suddenly love Steamy.

MAC, Lillyland, swatches, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Fresco Rose, Purple Dash, Resort Life, Lush & Bright, Preppy, Shift to Pink, Coconut Ice, SteamyThere are also four cream blushes, in a new formula called Cremeblend. In the Lillyland Sneak Peek, I incorrectly stated that this formula would be permanently added to the line — for now, it’s limited edition. Like any MAC blush, it’s $18.50.

So Sweet, So Easy is a cool pink. Optimistic Orange is coral. Joie-de-Vivre is a warm coral-pink. Florida is purply pink. These are interesting… initially less pigmented than MAC’s regular cream blushes, I think, but completely buildable. I think what I photographed here is about medium in terms of layering.

MAC, Lillyland, swatches, Cremeblend, So Sweet, So Easy, Optimistic Orange, Joie-de-Vivre, Florida
MAC in Lillyland: Pearlmatte Face, Pearlmatte Eye Shadow, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Fresco Rose, Purple Dash, Resort Life, Lush & Bright, Lush and Bright, Preppy, Shift to Pink, Coconut Ice, Steamy, So Sweet, So Easy, Optimistic Orange, Joie-de-Vivre, Florida, Cremeblend

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8 Responses to “MAC in Lillyland”

  • mbeek says:

    >Wow! As always, thank you, Karla! I LOVE these and will be stalking the store on Thursday when they come out. Thanks for all that you do!

  • ricquetta says:

    >Are the cremeblend blushes as oily as the mac cream blushes? I have an issue with the regular ones so I hope these are mmore like the nars ones

  • Shadowy Lady says:

    >Thank you so much for the swatches Karla, I'm officially very interested in this collection now!

    I wear Studio Sculpt in NW25. Do you think I can wear the powder as face powder or will it be dark?

  • J-ezzy says:

    >I truly enjoy all your posts! I read them daily!!!

    Thank you for this post, not sure if I'll pick anything up, but I love being able to see the collection!

  • Faye says:

    >Your super-arm rocks as always, Karla! I was just debating whether to try these out and thought, "I wonder if Karla's swatched them?" And you have! Thanks for doing this.

  • xLovelyMakeupx says:

    >cant wait to get those l/g i love Resort life its gorgeous! thanks for the swatches

  • graphology says:

    >I just want the pearlmatte Eyeshadow, the shades look great

  • lexi920 says:

    >AWESOMENESS! I am a NC42 – this is wonderful.

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