MAC Warm & Cozy Redux: the TLC Edition

MAC, Warm and Cozy, TLC, Tinted Lip Conditioner, Feelin' Good, Close for ComfortWhen Warm & Cozy first hit the counters, Tinted Lip Conditioner Feelin’ Good was missing from the lineup. Well I was finally able to track it down, so I thought I’d share the swatch with you, in case you were still undecided. I still believe these TLCs are creamier than others I’ve tried, and they smell like something sweet — maybe creme brulee? — my sales associate doesn’t believe me, but I think it’s slightly different from the usual MAC vanilla. TLCs are $14.50 each.

I’ve also added these swatches to the original post for easy browsing.
MAC, Warm & Cozy, Tinted Lip Conditioner, swatches, Close for Comfort, Feelin' Good, Feelin Good

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6 Responses to “MAC Warm & Cozy Redux: the TLC Edition”

  • Tali says:

    >I have them both and love them! They look even nicer on lips which is rare! lol

  • Jennifer says:

    >I have Close for Comfort and I love it! Looks like I might have to get Feelin' Good now, too :)

  • Ms says:

    >I don't think TLCs have the vanilla scent. I have Popster, and it smells like some breathmint, Life Savers?

  • sweetart says:

    >i have close for comfort too and love it!!! it's the perfect nude lip conditioner!

  • mandy says:

    >oh no…now i really want Feelin' Good. it looks soo pretty!

  • Tish says:

    >I bought so many Feelin Good TLC's I am ashamed to admit how many…But they are different they smell like the Tendertones…not vanilla at all to me…and they are super moist and creamy and work so well

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