Armani Spring 2010: Nude Contrasts

Armani, Spring, 2010, Nude Contrasts, displaySpring has arrived rather demurely at the Armani counter, in the form of a collection called Nude Contrasts.

The collection includes two limited edition “Nude Contrast” eyeshadow palettes, named 1 and 2 (each $58). Palette 1 (front) has a pale, gently shimmery blue; a sparkly sand; a thin stripe of matte black (so narrow it was impossible to get a sponge-tipped applicator in that shade alone); and a very sparkly white. Palette 2 (back) has a slightly lighter, warmer, more yellow shimmery sand color; an almost-white pale pink; the same thin stripe of matte black; and a warm “oyster” white (white-gold).

People who like Armani eyeshadow usually say they like the brand’s… reserved pigmentation. These two palettes are both rather quiet, and there’s not a huge difference between them, or even among the shades within each palette.  I like light eyeshadow, and I might like palette 2 on me, but at nearly $60, I probably won’t spring for it.

Unexpectedly impressive was the “White Contrast Eye Pencil” in Glossy Black. I think they named it white contrast because it’s waterproof, intended for the waterline (and presumably makes the whites of your eyes look whiter by comparison?).

This pencil was surprisingly smooth, much softer than Armani’s Smooth Silk Eyeliners. If pencils could have a liquid lead, this is what that would feel like. It marked almost like a grease pencil, and went down with a slick, wet look. But in seconds it dried matte, and very black. This pencil is limited edition, and $26.

There are two misleadingly named armanisilk lipsticks, and three inappropriately named Lip Shimmer glosses. 98 Nude Rose is a very sheer, pale, blue-pink. 99 Stark Red is a blue rose. Lip Shimmer 62 Warm Beige is a sparkly sand that will probably be extremely subtle on the lips, most likely adding just shine with its tiny sparkles. 63 Warm Orange is a sheer peach-sand with tiny sparkles. 64 Burn Sienna (which I swatched twice, at both the beginning and the end) is a slightly frosty, warm pink. It reflects almost a bit peach-brown in the first swatch, but it is pink.
Armani, Spring, Nude Contrasts, swatches, White Contrast, Glossy Black, Nude Rose, Stark Red, Warm Beige, Warm Orange, Burnt Sienna
Armani Nude Contrasts: Nude Contrasts Palettes, White Contrast Eye Pencil, Glossy Black, 98 Nude Rose, 99 Stark Red, 62 Warm Beige, 63 Warm Orange, 64 Burnt Sienna

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6 Responses to “Armani Spring 2010: Nude Contrasts”

  • Andreea says:

    Well, if I could, I would get the rosy palette, but honestly, the prices in Germany for Aramani are… extraterrestric??

  • Pinch says:

    Nude Rose looks really pretty, otherwise this is a bit meh to me :)

  • Tiffany says:

    LOL at the lip color names.

    This is a pass for me due to the price, but I do like the looks of Palette 2 and Stark Red.

  • prettythings says:

    Palette 2 looks nice, but I’m in agreement with you… $60ish is a lot for 3 neutral shades. I’m dropping my cash on the new BB Cabana Coral Lip & Eye Palette. :)

  • I really like these colors, but I’m not into nude looks. But still, would really love to se Armani cosmetics in person, but I don’t think I will any time soon :(

  • dancepig says:

    Any name to that sand color in the #1 palette? That, plus the very black eyeliner would be all that I would want from the collection. The palettes are beautiful – but for $58? Hmmm….I’ll have to think about it. But the sand eye shadow is lovely.

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