Lancome O My Rose: The European Edition

Lancome, Gloss Kohl, Le Kohl Gloss, Pop Petrol, Swinging Copper, BB SandWoo! Thanks to some diligent guest swatchers and the kindness of a few friends in Europe, I have swatches of Lancome’s non-American spring items. Click here for the full European recap.

I’m fairly confident that the eyeshadow palette (Pop’n Green in the U.S.; Pop Petrol overseas) and the Ink Artliner (Teal Delight in the U.S., Pop Petrol in Europe) feature the same colors. So the exclusive items are the Gloss Kohls, the nail polish, and the Baby Kiss lip crayon.

The Gloss Kohls are chubby eyeliner pencils, and the lead is ridiculously soft — almost liquid. These are so ridiculously creamy, I wondered whether you’d want to use them for non-waterline application (or if they would just smudge everywhere). I wasn’t alone: The Lancome blog published this tip from artistic director Aaron de Mey:

Apply a fine layer of concealer and a light dusting of powder to the undereye area, and in dark corners closest to the bridge of the nose. Then apply the pencil in and around the lash line and blend with a soft, small, fluffy brush or the fingertips. Set the edges of the pencil with a lighter/neutral powder shade such as taupe or gray for a graduated/sophisticated look and this will prevent the edges from bleeding/smudging. Alternately, use a powder shadow in a similar or slightly lighter shade of your gloss pencil and apply it around the edges and/or lightly dusted over the pencil to give extra hold and intensity. Or use the Khol Gloss only on lids and use powder shadow under the eyes to shape and design them. This gives a glossy lidded effect whilst looking sophisticated and holding perfectly under the eye.

The nature of a gloss/cream eye shade product is that it will slightly move/crease/smudge. It follows the movement of the lids and settles into corners or lines, so apply gently, using small amounts of the product. The creamy/glossy texture of eye color creams gives a more realistic, sexy, ‘slept in’ effect. It is purely personal preference, ease of use and desired makeup result that leads women to either a powder shadow or cream/gloss eye shade.

Lancome, O My Rose, Spring 2010, European, swatches, Le Kohl Gloss, Gloss Kohl, Pop Petrol, Swinging Copper, BB Sand, nail polish
I was also very lucky to find guest swatchers of different skintones! Stetko, of Confessions of a Zydrate Addict, was able to surreptitiously take some pictures at her counter. Stetko is extremely fair — NW05 on MAC’s scale — but the indoor lighting may misrepresent her skintone.
Lancome, O My Rose, European, swatches, NW05, Gloss Kohl, BB Sand, Pop Petrol, Swinging Copper
Lancome, O My Rose, European, swatches, NW05, Gloss Kohl, BB Sand, Pop Petrol, Swinging Copper
Miss Whoever You Are was also able to track down the lip crayon (which she swatched dry) and the nail polish. The nail polish is reeeeeally blackened, darkly shimmery, teal. Like an oil slick. It’s gorgeous. Miss Whoever You Are is about NW45.
Lancome, O My Rose, swatches, Baby Kiss, coral, NW45
Lancome, O My Rose, swatches, Pop Petrol, polish
And a few more swatches of the Coral Baby Kiss from guest swatcher Jenny — wet and dry, next to some other “famous corals.”
Lancome, O My Rose, swatches, Baby Kiss, Coral
Lancome, O My Rose, Baby Kiss, Coral
Lancome O My Rose: Pop Petrol, BB Sand, Swinging Copper

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7 Responses to “Lancome O My Rose: The European Edition”

  • kristina says:

    These are available in Canada too. I have been debating the Kohl gloss since the release. I am no longer undecided. This will be mine this afternoon.

    Thanks for the swatches.

  • Estelle says:

    ACK! OF COURSE that nail polish is Euro only. It looks sensational!!! *dying*

  • aleta says:

    wow, Kohl Gloss sounds like way too much work. next Lancome should post a tip on how to sharpen them without making a bloody mess and wasting half the pencil.

  • Kellie says:

    Thank you so much for these! They are spectacular! I wish we could see the shadows though. Too bad.

  • Amy says:

    O my! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I want all of those ~~ but can’t get them! :(

  • kristina says:

    @aleta, if you put soft pencils in the fridge or freezer before you sharpen them, it will work like a dream

  • PlatinumV says:

    I’ve bought the enamel last week… Base coat, 2 layers and then top coat. It lasted on my nails about 3 hours before chipping! I AM SO ANNOIED BY ALL THIS EXPENSIVE ENAMELS WHICH LAST FEW HOURS!!!
    I have to say that!

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