MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Amber

MAC, Spring Forecast, Amber, Gold, promoLike Plum, Amber is a relatively smaller collection.

The eyeshadow quad ($36) is definitely on the frosty side, and if the name Flip sounds familiar, that’s because the shade was last seen in Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. At the Preview Party Event, the “Amber” artist was swirling his blush brush in Flip and Aztec Brick, or Flip, Aztec Brick, and Creole Beauty to make a blush or contour for darker skinned ladies. The effect was pretty, but his method did make a bit of a mess. It’s definitely something to try at home if you do spring for this quad.

Both Beigeland and Bronzilla are frost finishes. I expressed my dislike of the formula to one of my makeup artists and she replied, “all you have to do is put a gloss on top of it!” I don’t usually layer my lip products, but this may be the key to liking the frosts.
MAC, Spring Forecast, Amber, Gold, Swatches, Beigeland, Bronzilla, Almondine, Gold Dust, Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty, Abalone Shell
I also wanted to talk briefly about the Abalone Shell, the nail polish. In the words of last week’s episode of Project Runway, it’s the color of an Ace bandage. I definitely would have thought it an odd choice if I hadn’t been heard of the “mannequin hands” trend — painting your (long, elegant) nails a color very similar to your skintone. I think Abalone Shell definitely fits the trend. For lots more mannequin hands, check out All Lacquered Up.

MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Gold, Amber, Beigeland, Bronzilla, Almondine, Gold Dust, Manila Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty, Abalone Shell

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4 Responses to “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Amber”

  • Nicole says:

    As a curiosity, I swatched Flip and UD’s Half Baked and they are nearly identical. Just for the record. ;)

  • Sweet Tea says:

    Beigeland came home with me this past weekend…as did Radiccio and Pink Burst:) I really thought I was going to get Bronzilla but Beigeland won out in the end–I will DEF being wearing a gloss over it:)

  • Amy says:

    Re: frost finishes. I’ve never really understood buying a lipstick that must be work with another product. You end up spending almost $30, and then every time you need to re-apply, you need to do double duty. I’d rather buy just one nice lipstick that I can re-apply more easily.

  • Sammi says:

    I’m totally in love with your swatch of the nail polish. I have some discoloration in my nails and have been on the search for a true nude polish for ages. Every one I find is so pink, brown, or orange, OR is too sheer!
    This looks like it would be awesome for a base color in a french manicure, or as a basecoat for a sheer polish!

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