MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Coral

MAC, Spring Forecast, Coral, promoThis weekend was not all I hoped it would be. It was still very overcast (with snow covering many of my usual grassy spots). I thought some of the pictures turned out okay, but some of them weren’t up to standard. I’m going to show you the swatches that I feel good about, and I’m heading back to the counter today to re-take the ones that weren’t up to par.

As expected, the Coral group is my favorite. I should know by now that I don’t like frost lipsticks, but I am curiously drawn to Color Me Coral. Fresh Salmon caught my eye too. And Cha Cha lipgloss is a pretty warm pink with gold sparkles. The lipsticks and glosses are $14 each; the nail polish is $12.
MAC, Spring Forecast, Coral, swatches, Color Me Coral, Victorian, Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden, Ember Glow, Kumquat, Cha Cha, Malibu Peach
The Coral eyeshadows are sold as loose pots ($14.50 each). Nanogold, a pale gold-pink duochrome, is a limited edition repromote from the N Collection. The Crush Metal Pigments are sold as a stack of four for $32.50; the texture really reminded me of the Solar Bits from Style Warrior (and Solar Field before that).
MAC, Spring Forecast, coral, swatches, Perky, Straw Harvest, Hot Hot Hot, Nanogold, Stacked 2, Crush Metal Pigment
MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Color Me Coral, Victorian, Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden, Ember Glow, Kumquat, Cha Cha, Perky, Straw Harvest, Hot Hot Hot, Nanogold, Crush Metal Pigment, Stacked 2!, Malibu Peach

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7 Responses to “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Coral”

  • Paula says:

    Love the swatches – but I just have to say it cracks me up to see Spring swatches with snow in the background. ;)

  • Coral is my favorite group [2]
    I loooooooove the colors (Color me coral) and (Fresh Salmon)

  • Tiffany says:

    I like the colors of the Crushed Metal, but I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be crazy about the texture. D’oh! And Cha Cha is really pretty but I’m sure I already have a bunch of glosses that look like it. Nanogold, on the other hand…I’ll have to pick that up before my no-buy kicks in in a couple of days.

  • itsy says:

    yeah nice snow for spring forecast!

    Color me coral is so &**()! frosty that I can’t get it. :(

  • Anitacska says:

    Your poor arm must have been cold, lol!

    I love this collection, I’m pretty sure I will get most of the lipsticks and lipglosses and the pigments too.

  • Natalie says:

    Oh Karla you are much too hard on yourself. These photos are much better than “okay” they are wonderful! You always have the best swatch photos around! ^_^ The only problem I can think of is you make everything look a little *too* good and I want to buy it all hehe ^_^

  • kasiaj85 says:

    Great pictures, Love your blog!
    is Fresh salmon veeery orangy? or is it rather sheer?? on some other swatches I’ve found it looked kind of like an orange shade but here it definitely is more coralish..?
    Love Cha Cha!!! :)

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