MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Plum

MAC, Spring Forecast, Plum, promoThe Plum collection is a little smaller than Pink or Coral. It includes two lipsticks, Radicchio (limited edition) and Hang-Up (a repromote from the permanent line), and two lipglosses, Lavender Wind and Purple Rage (which reminds me a bit of Jampacked from Cult of Cherry. Though Jampacked was deeper and more brown; Purple Rage is brighter, more red and berry).

The four eyeshadows shown here are sold together in a palette for $36. I’m never exactly sure which shade is which in MAC’s palettes, but I took my best guess based on finish. It’s also worth noting that this palette is different from the four-pans you’ve seen before: it has a magnetic closure, and I’ve heard that this is the design MAC will use, moving forward.

Imperial Splendor nail polish was a little more sheer than I was expecting, but is a very pretty color.
MAC, Spring Forecast, Plum, swatches, Radicchio, Hang-Up, Lavender Wind, Purple Rage, Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip, Jungle Moon, Imperial Splendor
MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Plum, Radicchio, Hang-Up, Lavender Wind, Purple Rage, Mink Pink, Bruised Plum, Black Tulip, Jungle Moon, Imperial Splendor

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9 Responses to “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Plum”

  • Mora says:

    Thank you so much for swatching also the rest oft spring color forecast.

    I really love your swatches, it’s mostly the base of my decision what to buy.

    i think with such a huge collection i wouln’t be able to choose on the counter what i want.

    now, i make my list and only buy what i really want.

  • Purple Rage is by far my favorite thing in this color collection. Everything else is just meh. But I did really go to town on the coral and pink collections :)

  • Tiffany says:

    Very pretty, but I made enough plum-related purchases over the holiday that this is an easy skip. I considered the nail polish, but since it’s a little sheer, it won’t be quite so hard to look the other way, heh.

  • Pinch says:

    Radicchio lipstick looks really pretty! Thanks for swatching :)

  • Anitacska says:

    I’ll probably get the lipsticks and lipglosses, but not the quad, it’s too dark and matte for me.

  • december3rd says:

    Bruised looks nice! I’ve been on the hunt for a smoky purple matte e/s.

  • Ann says:

    I love purples :D I would really enjoy that quad … but what I really want is Radicchio … at least partially because that’s a great name for a lipstick … yay slightly obscure lettuce. Now MAC needs to come out with a lipstick called Arugula.

  • I soooo want this whole collection! Especially that eyeshadow quad, it’s so amazing! Thanks for posting this swatches! :)

  • joy says:

    the shadow palette is a must have for me!

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