Makeup and Cupcakes

Benefit, Sugarbomb, event, CupcakeStop, cupcakesNew York City, center of the universe. I can’t hide my jealousy that everything happens in New York — not just fashion week, but all the great PR events, too. This one brilliantly combines two things I love: makeup and cupcakes.

If you happen to be unemployed in New York, tomorrow at 9 am the CupcakeStop truck will be selling a special Sugarbomb cupcake. The first 300 people to buy one will also receive a free Benefit Sugarbomb blush. (Dang!)

Why do these events always take place during normal working hours? Heiresses don’t need free blush. If you go, please share pictures so I can live vicariously?

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8 Responses to “Makeup and Cupcakes”

  • Leslieal says:

    Fresh cupcakes and MU?


    I think this is gggggggggenius! Thanks for sharing, Karla!!!

  • Christine says:

    I know, right? I read this on FB today and was instantly jealous. Nothing fun ever happens in BFE.

  • PlatinumV says:

    Please, tell me: which blush is the lovely lilac in small pieces in the bottom right part of the pic???

  • panties says:

    as tempting as it sounds, i won’t be going…i agree that NYC is the center of the universe (when it comes to everything) ;D

    as much as a blush is tempting, i won’t be hoarding stuff i don’t need. i’m sure the event will be awesome though :)

  • Kait says:

    I went this morning! I have yet to eat the cupcake…but the blush is gorgeous!

  • I know, I heard about this and I am totally jealous that I’m nowhere near it. I love cupcakes and wouldn’t it be nice to get a free Sugarbomb for buying one when I probably would have anyway??

  • ha ha – heiresses do not need blush!! I didn’t go because I had to work, but I was pretty tempted to go late to work ;)

  • I haven’t tried Sugarbomb since we don’t have BeneFit products here, but a few days ago I purchased Coralista blush and can’t wait to get it! :D

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