NYFW Fall/Winter 2010: Marc Jacobs & NARS

François Nars himself did the makeup for Marc Jacobs’ show. The models were meant to look messy, sexy, up-all-night or just-out-of-bed.

They wore:

Marc Jacobs, NARS, NYFW, Fashion Week, 2010, face chart
Marc Jacobs, NARS, NYFW, Fashion Week, 2010

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5 Responses to “NYFW Fall/Winter 2010: Marc Jacobs & NARS”

  • Amy says:

    He’s a brilliant artist (well, both Francois and Marc), but she does look tired, yes? And her lips a bit dry.

  • Komal says:

    I think her whole face looks a bit dry. Which is interesting, because I have this foundation (and normal-oily skin), and I find it tends to make me look powdery/grey, if that makes sense.

  • Violet says:

    Oooh, I’m excited to see Enchanted! I love Nars blushes… I wish there were some purplish ones, though!

  • Eileen says:

    Sometimes I think the artists creating these looks really don’t like women very much. She looks terribly tired and haggard–and that comment is coming from a woman who grew up in the 60′s when heavy black eye make-up and nude lips reigned supreme. Back then it was about looking graphic; not strung out.

  • Jean says:

    Yes, she does seem a little tired, or maybe really tired, kind of reminds me of the 90s heroin-chic look (hate the term, the look…)

    Then again she looks a wee bit hollow, especially her cheeks… I think a little more weight might have helped too.

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