Swatchfail: MAC Spring Forecast

This has been the cloudiest, rainiest winter I can remember, and it was a disheartening weekend for swatching.  But in spite of the bad weather (cold, totally overcast with occasional drizzle), I thought none of us could wait any longer to see the new spring stuff that’s stacking up on my to-swatch list. On Saturday I waited for three and a half hours hoping for some sun; on Sunday I figured I needed to take some pictures, sunny or not.

I started on MAC Spring Forecast, but two pictures into my endeavor, the manager at MAC Pro that day said I couldn’t do any more swatching, couldn’t take any more pictures, because the collection wasn’t out yet.  Say what?  “But I already posted pictures from the preview party,” I said. “Well that was for the preview party,” he replied. “Now you can’t swatch it or blog about it until it comes out.”

Insanity. Why did MAC have a preview party? Why were products for sale at that event? Why is Spring Forecast currently for sale online? Because they don’t want people to know about it until it comes out? Clearly that manager had his “manager pants” on that day.

I have to interject that I’ve never encountered this from a MAC employee before. My artists and sales associates are wonderful, amazing, supportive, (logical) people who love talking about makeup as much as I do.  Anyway, here are my two sad swatch pictures.  I’ll have more soon.
MAC, Spring Forecast, Pink, swatches, Phlox, Bubblegum, Laugh a Lot, Pink Burst, Cultureclash, Hush Hush Rose, Electric Fuchsia, Galore Pink
Very Violet and Lala both look very sheer here (not like Frosts at all), but the potted eyeshadows had clearly been molested (touched with fingers) during the launch party — the oils from fingertips change and damage powder products. So I’m not sure if the chalkiness is the shadows themselves or the result of touching.  Nordstrom should have new testers soon, and I’ll be able to confirm or deny.
MAC, Spring Forecast, Pink, swatches, Rosy Outlook, Very Violet, Lala, Da BlingThe Crushed Metal pigments were thrillingly pretty.  They come in a “tower” of four shades for $32.50: frosty peony, frosty rose with gold shimmer, a lustre-like lilac with silver shimmer, and a rich, luminous, vibrant purple.  I can’t wait to try the Coral set.

MAC Spring Forecast: Pink, Phlox, Bubblegum, Laugh a Lot, Pink Burst, Cultureclash, Hush Hush Rose, Electric Fuchsia, Galore Pink, Rosy Outlook, Very Violet, Lala, Da Bling

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23 Responses to “Swatchfail: MAC Spring Forecast”

  • I want this purple pigment, is it available alone? Or you have to purchase all 4 of them? :)

  • Amy says:

    Karla, I’m sorry to hear about what happened at the store. But honestly I’m not surprised. Although the collection is clearly “out” for sale already online, it seems like MAC is cracking down.

    I have to ask–did the pigments seem workable to you? (Texture). I was so disappointed with Universal Mix. I passed by Rich Life without buying it at the counter. How do the pigments stacks compare to the regular MAC pigment line (vanilla, etc.)?

    Thanks for any information you can give. I’d love to get an unbiased view.

  • santi says:

    that’s a bummer. one of my artists brought the pigment sets out to show me since i didn’t make the preview and there really wasn’t anyone else in the store. can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Kelley says:

    Well that sucks. I visit your blog to see if I think it is worth the trip to MAC. I like getting an early peek. That manager clearly has control issues. Sorry you had to deal with that and thanks for trying to get swatches for us. I appreciate the effort and anticipate swatches when the collection comes out. When is that by the way?

  • lolo says:

    what a douchebag! you can’t blog about it till it comes out..haha. this is america you can blog all you want.

    i really don’t think those 2 shadows are all that pigmented.

    nice swatches.

  • bluematilda says:

    thank you for all you do to get swatches for us junkies! do they not understand that your swatches cause me to buy more? it’s a problem i have…i see it in the store and i think “i don’t really need that” and then i see it on your site and i think “i must have it!!” thanks again karla!!

  • Joey says:

    wow, these MAC people are stupid. do they not realize the almighty power of The Arm and what it can do for their sales? I’m so sorry the manager was a douchenozzle to you =(

    Your swatches of the pigment stack really excite me because I ordered it and your swatches confirmed what I was hoping – the rose color and the deep purple are simply gorgeous!

  • Sylvie says:

    You should tell that guy how there are people all over world just refreshing the front page of your blog the entire weekend waiting to see if you’ve posted up the swatches yet! And then when they’ve seen it, they patiently wait one month, or two, or more for the collection to come in to Europe. You may not know it, but your arm affects my purchases. If it doesn’t look good on your arm swatched like that, I just know it won’t look good on my face. I almost feel sorry for the guy because he needs to find satisfaction in milking to the last drop what little amount of power he has. In the mean time, I’ll continue to hit your blog everyday to see if there are new swatches. Thank you Karla and thank you Arm!

  • Lina says:

    Hi Karla, thank you for sharing this experience with us. I’m so glad you’re dedicated enough to venture out in bad weather to swatch things for your readers like me! I too now use your MAC swatches as a preview to decide whether or not I want to venture towards a MAC counter. I refuse to go into MAC stores unless the counter is out of something I want.

    I’ve experienced elitist self-absorbed snobbery at MAC stores and it’s extremely disheartening. They always give me that look that’s like the equivalent of making me feel like I’m asking for food stamps.

    Clearly the manager has no ability to think on his own. The sequence of events makes his reaction even more ridiculous. If there were many preview parties, the products are online, AND they are out on display for presell, then why the heck shouldn’t you be allowed to swatch? As a PRO store manager, he should do a little more research to see how many other bloggers BLOGGED about the collection in its entirety.

    Love your work, keep up the good work, and pooey on that MAC store!

  • Laura says:

    I agree with what others have been saying, seeing the beautiful swatches on your arm definitely makes me want to buy more. I think that seeing the product in its packaging versus seeing how it looks on a real person makes a HUGE difference. You think MAC would love the free advertisment. They should actually be paying you for all the added sales I’m sure you’re given them.

  • Anna says:

    At Sylvia’s comment, I feel the exact same way, thanks for doing all these swatches for us though,I know it takes forever to do, and if MAC knew how large of an impact you have on our buying habits, they should be…. giving you free makeup! I hope very violet is more pigmented, I ordered that one online b/c it looked like the perfect royal purple

  • Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I may have said this before, but I had no interest in MAC until I started reading your blog. I’ve only bought their products online–I have this odd fear of stepping into a MAC store–and I frequently look at your swatches when considering buying an item or three. Too bad about what happened. I’m likely going to skip this collection, but I’ll gladly check out the swatches once you have them :)

  • PEBBLES says:

    I totally agree with all the other posts as well, I check your site every other day to check for new swatches or new info on MAC, and I was so excited when you said that you’d try to have some swatches this weekend, and this happens! :-( They should be paying you because your swatches determines if we buy!! Thanks for your hard work and sacrefice to get the info we MAC junkies need!!

  • jenny says:

    I just got very violet in the mail today, and it does seem chalky. :( kind of disappointed, going to return it.

  • Cherie says:

    I agree with most others that I have been waiting all w/e for your swatches!!! MAC people are either super great or super snobs! I have run into my fair share of snobs and d-bag manager sounds like one too! I’m so sorry to hear you had a bad experience. :(

    Thank you for what you do :)

  • Liz says:

    I like the Pink Burst I just wish it wasn’t frost. :/

  • pia says:

    Hi Karla,
    Honestly I didn’t get the reasoning behind the manager’s attitude. Clearly, if anything, your swatches help solving a buying dilemma. I have MAC here but I might not see any new MAC LE anytime soon due to bureaucracy. Having a clear swatch helps me out when I have to make a buying decision and believe me, with MAC I have plenty of those.
    Thanks for your dedication and really sorry that you had to go through the experience to help us junkies. *bigwarmhugs*

  • Melissa says:

    Well I guess that the manager has no clue that you are the swatching queen and probably drive up MAC in general sales. People get excited to see your swatches and make shopping/wish lists.

  • frodo says:

    Wow. I never knew people hated MAC Artist’s so much. I am one and I think you’re hendering yourselves by judging, complaining and not even relating to your local MAC Artists. Especially when you approach a store in the negative. Of course you’re going to have a bad time! MAC Artists are here to help you with whatever you want to learn and not judge.

    Karla, you are amazing and I love you for coming in and being so dedicated to your craft. Sometimes things are just made unclear to us as staff and there is mixed signals. Sorry you encountered the down side of that mix up.

    As for the rest of you. Let go and be open, have a good time, get out of the house and enjoy a trip to your local MAC counter/store.

  • mix n makeup says:

    I am also a MAC artist and realize the most important nature to what Karla and other swatchers/bloggers have in helping people make choices about thier future MAC Purchases. However because I personally pride myself in giving such a genuine,sincere MAC experience(as do my fellow colleagues) I think it is opurtunistic of those to also go in with a positive attitude to your local MAC counter and see how amazing that experience may be. When you find it dont let it go because we love seeing familiar faces!!! It’s sometimes helpful to see how the color intensity and payoff look on your skin type and shade and seeing how using different brushes will give you the desired look your in search of. Best luck to everyone, see you at the counter soon, I hope.

  • Smarter than you think says:

    I was at the preview party. It was explained to me that the party was for top customers to come in a purchase the line before the rest of the public…. Not to steal little snapshots of the product.
    I am a professional makeup artist and loyal customer to MAC and have been for years…. I’ve never had an unpleasant encounter. The staff at the mac store at northpark are extremely helpful and well educated in makeup. If you want real expertise in how to pick colors that work for you, you should GO IN to the store and see them.
    BY THE WAY… has anyone taken the time to look at the undertones in this “bloggers” arm… they’re going to conflict with any pigment in the makeup. ANY artist will tell you that.
    If you want to know how it will look, it needs to be on your OWN skin.
    Another thought: MAC has done just fine without any advertising… a blog isn’t going to make much difference.
    Mac’s makeup people are great!

  • Jess says:

    ^ Get over yourself.

    This blog certainly makes a big difference for me. Spring colour forecast comes out monday down under, and I have been looking through these swatches to decide what I should have a look at. The internet is a powerful thing. Get off your snobby mac-horse and realise that.

  • Tee says:

    Um “Smarter than you think” (lol): YOU ARE CLUELESS. And quite obviously hatin 4 ur own personal reasons. This is probably one of THE best make up blogs, PERIOD. That does make a difference to a lot of ppl.

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