Teaser: Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick

Today is the global launch of Chanel’s new hydrating, long-wearing lipstick formula: Rouge Coco.

What I’ve heard is that the Rouge Hydrabase formula (which Chanel describes as a moisturizing formula) will be discontinued, and Rouge Coco (also a moisturizing formula) will take its place.  Rouge Coco comes in 30 shades, the lipstick is $30 (same as the Rouge Allures), and the case looks the same as the Hydrabase packaging.

I’ve also heard that Gardenia (pink) is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Byzantin (plum) is exclusive to Saks.

Though I did not skip work to swatch these lipsticks today, I did get my hands on a blister-pack carded sample (thank you, anonymous source!). These swatches were made with a lip brush, not from the tube itself, so opacity may be misrepresented.

Egerie is peachy pink. Legende is violet pink. Mademoiselle (which is the shade used in the promotional images) is tea rose. Cambon is flamenco cherry.
Chanel, Rouge Coco, swatches, Egerie, Legende, Mademoiselle, CambonNaturally I’ll be looking for the rest of these this weekend!

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11 Responses to “Teaser: Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick”

  • Kate says:

    Mademoiselle! So pretty, but maybe not worth $30. Probably dupable?

  • shadowy Lady says:

    I got Teheran (no.65) and Cambon (no.31)and love them. Canada has had these out since Feb 12 and they are all gorgeous! I wanna g back for Paris as well

  • BF says:

    I’m soooo looking forward to see all the shades in the collection! I’m already in love with Mademoiselle!!…but can’t wait to see the swatch of Rose Comete. Thx so much for sharing the swatches!

  • Christine says:

    I can’t wait for your swatches Karla! I am interested in the Mademoiselle. I fell in love with the color in the ads. But I’m also wondering if there is a less expensive dupe.

  • Schelli says:

    got Rose Compte yesterday, beautiful pale, cool toned pink! Very pretty! I so want to go get another one!

  • Eileen says:

    I visited the Chanel counter today and came away with Rouge Coco in Perle, Mademoilselle, Organdi Rose, and Ruban Rose.

    Kate, you might be able to dup the color, but not the balm like texture, depth of color,and lasting sheen. They’re super moisturizing and long lasting. Drop by a Chanel counter and try a few on. Worth $30? Yep!

  • Kim says:

    OMG! Mademoiselle is a must!!
    Maybe you’ll be inspired to buy that website only LE shade, Teheran? Would love to know what that looked like too!

  • Melissa says:

    Legende looks really pretty in your swatch pic. What’s your take? Do you like it? I’m very fair with pink undertones.

  • Eileen says:

    Melissa, Legende would be perfect with your cool undertones as would Rose Compte. My skin is warm so I opted for the warmer pinks in making my selection.

    There’s something in this line for everyone: fair to dark, cool to warm :-)

  • Ahhh Cambon looks so pretty :D

  • iann says:

    I got 2 Rouge Cocos today for my birthday! I loved the Mademoiselle and Vendome shades but couldn’t decide between the 2. Thankfully my parents liked both so got me both :) Love love both a lot especially with my pacific islander skin. My lip texture looked so much more improved as well!

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