YSL Spring 2010

YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2010, Y-Mail paletteYSL’s spring 2010 offering is one of those broad, dreamy collections that seems like it has something for everyone.

The signature pieces are a pair of limited edition compacts, the Y-Mail highlighter and blush. The highlighter is a pretty, shimmery pale pink; the blush is a gorgeous, matte, slightly peachy pink. I don’t know why it’s called a “blush highlighter” — “blush” probably would have sufficed. These are $65 each.

There are also four new shades of YSL’s extremely creamy, full coverage Rouge Volupte lipsticks. These are $34 each; click here to see shades 1 – 18 or here to see 19 – 26.
YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2010, Y-Mail, Face Highlighter, Blush Highlighter, swatches, Rose Paris, Beaubourg Brown, Opera Rose, Faubourg Peach
There are a few eyeshadow palettes in the spring collection (but they feel so summery!). There’s a new eyeshadow quint ($56): #9 Parisian Sky. The center shade (soft lilac shimmer) is very softly pigmented — even YSL’s website describes it as a highlighter. There are also two new eyeshadow duos ($41 each): #25 Turquoise Blue / Hazy Violet, and #27 Golden Pink / Precious Bronze (which I would have called olivey green-gold patina).
YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2010, swatches, Parisian Sky, eyeshadow palettes, Turquoise Blue, Hazy Violet, Golden Pink, Precious Bronze
There are two spring nail polishes, and YSL is also right on trend with the “mannequin hands” #41 Beige Chiffon. Pretty lilac #143 Mauve Silk feels right for the season, too. These are $20 each.

PLUS there are two new shades of Golden Gloss (I’ve raved about these magical lipglosses several times before, click here to see shades 1 – 16.) Golden Glosses are $29 each, have a brush wand applicator and a mango scent. They are delightfully luxurious: long-lasting, completely unsticky, and really sparkly. Golden Petal is a lovely pink; Golden Macadamia is a peachy nude, and they are much more sparkly than they might look in this picture.
YSL, Yves Saint Laurent, Spring 2010, Golden Gloss, Golden Petal, Golden Macadamia, Beige Chiffon, Mauve Silk, swatches
I confess, I did save the last part of this collection (one of my favorite parts) for another post. Spring sees four new shades of YSL’s gorgeous, sheer Gloss Volupte lipsticks. Nmezza very kindly (and beautifully) guest swatched the original four Gloss Volupte shades (plus lip swatches!). I wanted to see what the new shades looked like compared to the old, so I swatched all eight together. Stay tuned for a discussion of how much I love these.

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8 Responses to “YSL Spring 2010”

  • Connie says:

    oooh! can’t wait for the gloss volupte! I bought the “blush highlighter with a $50gc NM sent me but haven’t used it yet. Now I will since it looks so pretty on your arm. lol

  • Sarah says:

    The Faubourg Peach RV reminds me a bit of Chris and Tell :)

  • gina says:

    Well there goes my makeup budget for Q2. Between the Baubourg brown, Beige chiffon, and Mauve silk, my debit card’s going to have quite the season! Thanks so much for swatching these!

  • Laura says:

    Karla! Love these swatches, does anyone know how MAC Vegas Volt and the Rose Paris RV compare? Loving the RV, but I have VV and can’t really tell if they’re too similar to own both.

  • Anna says:

    I love that pink and green duo, anyone know of a dupe for that matte pink side?

  • amira says:

    Everything looks pretty, but there’s only one stand out for me. The brown Volupte. I’ve tested but never bought a Rouge Voluptes. Although good quality, I never wore something consistently enough to justify the price or colors. It’s hard to find brown-nudes that actually show up on my lips, without veering into medium browns, which I have plenty of in my collection. Can’t wait to test in real life. Nice!

  • Amelie32 says:

    I bought YSL Volupte Rose Paris 27 lipstick and yesterday it was hit of the day at my workplace. What a great lipstick and shade!

  • i tried this collection at singapore airport when it was newly released. didnt impressed me one bit. total disappointment to be hoest.

    but for some reason, the colours look a lot nicer on you than me. it could be because i am darker.

    lovely post, nevertheless.

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