Bobbi Brown Color Strips

Bobbi Brown, Orchid Palette, Color StripsBobbi Brown, paletteer extraordinaire, has just released a collection called Color Strips: three travel-friendly palettes with eyeshadow, lip/cheek pot rouges, a dual-ended brush, and a mirror.

Most intriguing: the “plates” in the palette pop out, and the eyeshadow and pot rouge plates are actually the same size. So if you were to buy two, say the Aquamarine Palette and the Bonfire Palette, you could actually mix-n-match to create an all-Pot-Rouge palette.

In an ideal world, Bobbi would start selling plates for these compacts, to make them completely customizable.

These palettes are $60 each.
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Orchid Palette, White, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Caviar, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Pot Rouge, swatches
Orchid and Aquamarine offer the same three Pot Rouges (swatched here in “lipstick” mode). I thought some of the shade names sounded familiar from holiday’s Chrome Palette, but I was mistaken. With the exception of White, the shades do not overlap. Caviar is also not black, but really really blackened brown. And Pale Pink and Powder Pink Pot Rouges are available for individual sale.
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Aquamarine Palette, Ivory, Lightning, Aquamarine, Grey Sky, Gray Sky, Storm, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Pot Rouge, swatches
Bonfire was my favorite of the three palettes, and its shadows are the most impressive in terms of pigmentation. I am mesmerized by Cafe Cream Sparkle Eyeshadow. It’s a warm (yellow) brown with a ton of silver sparkle. I can’t recall seeing anything else like it. Tawny Pot Rouge seems oddly named, since “tawny” means golden (or sometimes orangey gold). Calypso Coral, of course, can be purchased individually — it’s in the Cabana Corals collection.
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Bonfire Palette, Pot Rouge, swatches, Bone, Cafe Cream, Bonfire, Cognac, Caviar, Tawny, Fresh Melon, Calypso Coral
And just for fun, I swatched the Pot Rouges in “blush mode” — sheering them out on my arm.  Pot Rouges can be sheered out quite a lot — even more than depicted here.
Bobbi Brown, Color Strips, Pot Rouges, swatches, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Tawny, Fresh Melon, Calypso Coral
Bobbi Brown Color Strips: Orchid Palette, White, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Caviar, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Powder Pink, Pot Rouge, Aquamarine Palette, Ivory, Lightning, Aquamarine, Grey Sky, Gray Sky, Storm, Bonfire Palette, Bone, Cafe Creme, Bonfire, Cognac, Caviar, Tawny, Fresh Melon, Calypso Coral

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22 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Color Strips”

  • SuPeachChaya says:

    That’s so fast!!! I appreciate ^^
    well the aquamarine color and the orchid look way lighter than i though. I think it won’t show up my lid. hmm should I buy it or not O)O

  • Kathleen says:

    I love Mulberry! I wish she’d sell that as a single…

  • Styrch says:

    Hmmm… that’s sort of annoying that two of the palettes have the same rouge pots. You’d think they could have been creative enough to give three additional different ones and really give people an incentive to buy all three. It’s sort of like buying a Mac Holiday palette when you already have 3 of the eye shadows from existing palettes or collections.

  • Kate says:

    I wish I could get dusty plum as a single. The pot rouges sheered out look like they would look pretty similar to one another on the cheeks. I think you’ve saved me $60.

  • JaneD says:

    Love the colors in the Orchid palette, especially Mulberry, what a great deep purple. But are they really charging $60 a pop for these? That’s a price point that does not entice me.

  • Eileen says:

    Thanks for the terrific post. Unfortunately, the shadows in the Orchid and Aquamarine palettes look too cool for me. And, since I already have several of the shadows and one of the pot rouges that are featured in the Bonfire palette, I guess I’ll be giving this collection a miss :-(

  • Donna says:

    Thanks SO much! I am seriously tempted, but am not loving some of the Pot Rouge colors in the Orchid palette.
    What did you think about the Pot Rouges? Do they have any sparkle?

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow. If I could get Dusty Plum as a single I’d do so in a heartbeat.

  • Vicki says:

    Ack! I really want those new pot rouges. I wish they were available separately.

  • jackie says:

    thank you SO much for posting these! i was wondering how they’d swatch and was eye-ing bonfire already – but now i know i must have it! thanks again :)

  • Jackie L. says:

    I bought these and sent them back. I was really disappointed by the size of the shadows.
    They were so small. I thought they would be like the holiday palette which I love.
    Oh well, saved me money.

  • Nicole says:

    I really like Bonfire and Orchid, but can’t justify spending the money on them at the moment, especially considering the size of the e/s… :(

  • Orchid and Aquamarine are SO wonderful! Thanks for swatches!

  • pfefi says:

    asian brands: most recently, canmake!

  • Meghan says:

    I love love love bonfire. I most often find myself researching MAC online..probably because there are so many new collections to check out.

  • Joy says:

    I agree w the other posts, the price of these is pretty steep. It’s nice that the pot rouges can do double duty so beautifully! I really liked the versatility of the colors, tho i wish there were three sets, maybe a cooler collection to go with the aquamarine eye palette. Overall, i’m not loving the shadow palettes. there are one or two per set i would wear. colors seem very contrasting to one another and more dramatic than i’m used to from BB.

  • KimK says:

    Lol! She really is the Queen of Palettes, isn’t she? I have to say… I nearly wet myself with excitement at the Bonfire one… that is REALLY pretty! :D

  • dancepig says:

    I’m loving the Orchid. I have some of the pot rouges and they are amazing. You can use them every day and the amount left in the pot never goes down!

  • lea says:

    I usually “research” Bobbi Brown. Tends to be my line of choice to check daily/weekly. :)

  • dancepig says:

    Okay, now I’m loving that Bonfire palette, if just for the Cafe Cream, plus Bobbi recently said the Tawny pot rouge was her favorite, for all sorts of uses. Hmm…now how many brown eye shadows do I need? Guess I need a LOT!

  • lea says:

    sometimes i will check out trish’s new stuff, but still usually stick to bobbi b. and of course, i check karlasugar almost daily for all the new swatches!! :)

  • mediumcrazy says:

    Thank you SO much for doing this. I’ve been trying to decide all day whether to splurge for aquamarine since bb has 3 deluxe samples with your order today…and this is EXACTLY what i’ve been online all day trying to find, especially the sheered out pot rouges. THANKS!

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