Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

Chanel, Rouge Coco, Coco Rouge, display, Vanessa Paradis, MademoiselleThis weekend I literally ran to the Chanel counter to see the full collection of Chanel’s new Rouge Coco lipsticks. This hydrating, long-wearing formula launched worldwide last Thursday, and is slated to replace Rouge Hydrabase. There are actually 33 shades of Rouge Coco right now. As I understand it, 30 shades are permanent. Gardenia is exclusive to Neiman Marcus; Byzantin (not yet swatched) is exclusive to Saks, and Teheran (not yet swatched) is exclusive to I believe the exclusive shades are limited edition.

Rouge Coco is $30, and has a vague “skincare” scent. They’re also distinctly more sheer than they looked in my lip-brush, “teaser” swatches. Many of these shades were quite sheer in a single swipe, but definitely layerable (and I photographed layered swatches for best representation of the color). That’s Vanessa Paradis in the promotional shot, wearing Mademoiselle.
Chanel, Rouge Coco, Coco Rouge, swatches, Perle, Cashemere, Cashmere, Beige Felin, Secret, Egerie, La Pausa, Organdi Rose, Organdy Rose, Camelia, Mademoiselle, Satin
Chanel, Rouge Coco, Coco Rouge, swatches, Legende, Muse, Ruban Rose, Gardenia, Orchidee, Rouge Orage, Rouge Orange, Taffetas Rose, Taffeta Rose, Cambon, Rose Comete, Rose Comte
Chanel, Rouge Coco, Coco Rouge, swatches, Gabrielle, Rivoli, Paris, Bel Respiro, Vendome, Talisman, Lune Rousse, Ballet Russe, Rouge Noir, Venise, Sycomore, Sycamore, Bois des Iles
Perle is a shimmery soft mauve. Cashemere is peach-brown. Beige Felin is a slightly rosy brown (and made a great nude on a medium-dark, olive-toned sales associate). Secret is a slightly rosier brown. Egerie is bright, warm, coral pink (more universal than Chris & Tell, perhaps). La Pausa is shimmery orange. Organdi Rose is shimmery mauve rose. Camelia is also shimmery mauvey rose, but it’s brighter and rosier. Mademoiselle is muted rose, and gorgeous. Satin is similar but brighter, redder. Legende is a shimmery violet-pink. Muse is brown with a hint of rose. Ruban Rose is a shimmery, soft peached pink. Gardenia is rose-pink. Orchidee is red rose. Rouge Orage is an intense, bricked rose. Taffetas Rose is a cool, shimmery, violet-red. Cambon is flamenco cherry. Rose Comete is a shimmery soft violet pink. Gabrielle is true, showstopping red. Rivoli is plum red. Paris is very blue red. Bel Respiro is coral red with slight shimmer. Vendome is a warm (coral) red. Talisman is warm, browned coral-red. Lune Rousse is blood brick. Ballet Russe is very purple red. Rouge Noir is an almost brown purple red. Venise is a canyon pinked red-brown. Sycomore is shimmery, warm brown. Bois des Iles is shimmery warm pink red.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick: Perle, Cashemere, Cashmere, Beige Felin, Secret, Egerie, La Pausa, Organdi Rose, Organdy Rose, Camelia, Mademoiselle, Satin, Legende, Muse, Ruban Rose, Gardenia, Orchidee, Rouge Orage, Rouge Orange, Taffetas Rose, Taffeta Rose, Cambon, Rose Comete, Rose Comte, Gabrielle, Rivoli, Paris, Bel Respiro, Vendome, Talisman, Lune Rousse, Ballet Russe, Rouge Noir, Venise, Sycomore, Sycamore, Bois des Iles

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38 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick”

  • Tina says:

    I went out to see these the day they came out. I was actually looking for the YSL Spring lipsticks, but the Macy’s I went to didn’t have a YSL counter, so I went to Chanel instead. I ended up getting Madamoiselle, Organdi Rose, and Rose Comete. The colors seem similar to each other, but they very different on. I LOVE these. They feel so good and last a while. I felt/thought I had to reapply, but when I looked in the mirror, it still looked fresh. I think I might collect them all. :X

  • Kim says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been waiting for these swatches. So many pretty colors! I have my eye on mademoiselle and a few others, but based on how other people feel about out, I think I may be walking away from the counter with only one or two of these beauties.

  • Diann says:

    Prettier than I expected!! But Ic an’t decide which to try on!!!

  • Lea says:

    Wonderful swatches – thank you!
    I’ve also seen shade #30 (Baroque) in Germany which is not among your swatches. Perhaps it’s a regional exclusive?

  • Panna says:

    Thanks for the swatches! Quick question, do you think Mademoiselle would work for MAC NC44? Would appreciate your opinion!

  • Kathy says:

    I love these lippies! I’ve got 6 and counting. Will target a few more now that I’ve got these swatches to stare at!

  • Violet says:

    Karla, thank you so so much for swatching these! I saw Temptalia’s swatches, but I much prefer yours – not only are you closer to my skintone (making it easier for me to figure out what color things would turn on me) but I really love the color descriptions you give for each shade – not just on these, but on everything!

    It really does help a lot to see two shades that look similar and have that clarification as to which one pulls peach and which pulls pink, for example. Thanks again!

  • Erin says:

    Gah Mademoiselle, Cambon and Egerie look so pretty!! But they’re so expensive… I’d feel bad buying even one… thank you for the swatches though!

  • luv2smilexo says:

    wow these are all beautiful. I really wanted to see mademoiselle but my counter didnt have a tester for it :( Which one is your favorite?

  • Eileen says:

    I already have four–Mademoiselle (a classic!), Perle, Organdi Rose, and Ruban Rose– but I think I’ll go back and get Gardenia. The more I see it, the more I like it.

    All your swatches are really great especially for the ladies who haven’t had the chance to see Rouge Coco and try it out. The formula is moisturizing without being slippery and the colors wear well for hours. I don’t remember ever being this excited about a lip product :-)

  • Christine says:

    *shakes fist* Dang Karla! These all look so pretty! Now, where to get the money for all the ones I want….

  • Tiffany says:

    I don’t buy Chanel for stupid personal reasons I won’t go into (plus there’s the price thing, but I’ve succumbed to YSL, Dior and Guerlain before, so…). Mademoiselle certainly looks like a winner, though. :)

  • Susan says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! Your swatches are far better than the ones Chanel has on their website or the stores have (Macy’s, Nordie’s, etc.). I LUV THIS! (blows a kiss)

  • Nina says:

    I love Egerie, Gabrielle and Lune Rousse!

  • This is why you are the best! i should have gone to the city to check out chanel but i haven’t been doing that. (and i am ashamed of myself as it’s really near my place too!)

    but now i get to look at all the lovely swatch you did for us. i wonder how you could get them so easily? many places i go won’t allow swatching and photographs. anyway, thank you!

  • Celina says:

    I’ve got long lashes, so I was never thinking about using mascara. But since I’m using Eyeliner sometimes I need the mascara too. ^^

  • JB says:

    I have a Rouge Orage #23 Chanel Lipstick from the early 90′s that is the exact same shade! (it’s still good). It was my signature lipstick for years. It had a lovely texture and the typical Chanel scent. I will have to dig it out to see what the formula was. I was not even aware that they had dicontinued it. ( I don’t buy much Chanel)
    I guess everything old is new again. Thanks for swatching the whole line KS!

  • tamara manor says:

    Oh thank you God! Finally a whole bunch of new shades…AND I am going to Chanel in Montreal as soon as humanly possible so I don’t have to play any more guess and return stuff from buying online. So disappointing. Thank YOU!

  • I tried #9 and I loved it…The texture is great.

  • Susan says:

    I went and bought a couple more of these today (Venise and Legende). Am still dithering over whether I could wear some of the brighter ones like Lune Rousse or Rouge Orage or Bel Respiro….????
    Beauty thing I thought I’d never do: make foundation the most important part of my makeup. The thing that changed my mind? AGING!

  • Erin T says:

    Got two of these recently, even though they’re way too spendy. Love the La Pausa (08), which just might be the everyday color I was looking for. (The La Pausa Exclusif Chanel fragrance is awesome too, a great every-occasion fragrance. Winner name!) The SA, who was very good, plus a nice random passerby talked me into Rouge Orage (23), which I kind of wish I hadn’t bought, because I thought it was a little too berryish and dark for my pale, wamr/sandy coloring. Though it does emphasize my hazel eyes, I wish I had bought Teheran instead which is a great spring color, close to a brighter, hot pinkish Bel Respiro.

  • Kim says:

    Thank you for the swatches, I’m in love with soo many of the lipsticks!

  • kyara says:

    Thanks for your swatches… they are great!!! But I missed `satin´ on your arm?!

  • Lola says:

    I was planning to buy mademoiselle but when swatched- satin showed better on me so I got satin (34) and gabrielle (19) instead. NC30 here…

  • Rose says:

    Thank you for these swatches!! I’ve been looking all over for true-to-life swatches. I was going to pick up my usual Rouge Noir but Lune Rousse is calling…

  • tamara Manor says:

    Just got Beige Felin and Satin—Satin is awesome! Thought Madamoiselle was the hot color, and it is because it’s sold out a lot but I LOVE SATIN!

  • Alexandra Z. says:

    Cashemere #04 is a WONDERFUL color!!! The colors look ALL great!!!

  • Mandy says:

    I picked up Camelia and it has by far surpassed all of my expectations. I love the texture! Extremely long wearing and smells of roses in the tube. <3

  • Andree says:

    I have 10 so far and have several more on my must have list. These have made me start wearing lipstick again after years of favoring gloss. A perfect lipstick wardrobe: Cambon (red), Legende (pink), Egerie (very flattering orange toned) and Mademoiselle (brownish pink). Agree with comments above that Satin is gorgeous. Perle is basic but beautiful. You will notice with this formula that due to the incredible texture and tints, colors you normally don’t think you would be able to wear or favor are not only do-able with these lipsticks but can look stunning!

  • Madeleine says:

    I bought Mademoiselle which is absolutely lovely! It’s my first ‘daytime’ lipstick ever, before now i’ve only worn red at nighttime so it’s very fun to be able to wear such a subtle and cute colour every day. Thank you for all the swatches, mum was actually wanting to purchase mademoiselle for a while but was unsure if it was the best one for her so I showed her your swatches, she now prefers camellia .. all you americans that are saying it’s so pricey should feel lucky that you only have to pay $30, over here in australia we have to pay $50!

  • KellyK. says:

    i have a few of these, cashmere, la pausa, camelia and Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle is my favorite. it is so pretty, its hard to describe, but i think it complements my blush and eye shadow so well, it seems to make my eyes look bluer and my skin look healthier! i had to get on a waiting list for Mademoiselle at my macys, its that popular! but if you cant get Mademoiselle my sa says camelia is a close second choice. also, the colors are so rich i pair it with a balm or gloss to get the sheerer finish i like.

  • Angélica says:

    Thanks, Karla! I just loved what you done!! Great!! When you had this colors on your hand you help us to choose better!

  • Lucy says:

    Hi Karla, Do you have any idea which eye colors Vanessa is wearing in the promotional shot above? Love the look! Thank you.

  • Natalie says:

    Hi Karla! What color of lipstick is the model wearing? Thanks!

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