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MAC, Art Supplies, promoWe had a resurgence of winter this past weekend: it was freezing, overcast, and we had overnight snow. But on the bright side, I did find a counter with testers of the MAC’s next collection, coming out Thursday, April 1: Art Supplies.

Art Supplies isn’t a huge collection, but it’s attracting a lot of attention because it brings back several popular products: Greasepaint Sticks (from Style Black and DSquared²) and Pearlglide eyeliners (from Suite Array; a few were repromoted in Love That Look). Both products are available in all new shades.

The other product (which is receiving rave reviews from every sales associate I talk to) is the Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker. The packaging is tragically identical to CoverGirl’s Outlast markers (which I didn’t care for at all), but I have been assured that the similarity in packaging is an unfortunate coincidence, and that the formula of the stain is entirely different. Everything in Art Supplies is limited edition.

The Greasepaint Sticks are $17.50 each. They are safe for waterline, long-wearing, transfer- and water-resistant, to be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow (or eyeshadow base). They also have a sharpener hidden in the back end (where the eraser would be, if this were a pencil), so you can restore the point as necessary.
MAC, Art Supplies, swatches, Greasepaint Stick, Slick Black, Dirty, Zinc Zone, Charred Mauve, Uniformly Blue, Greengrease, Below Ground, Brown, Now
Slick Black is intensely black… pretty much what I expected Intense Black to be. Dirty, which I keep wanting to call Dirrrty, is SO sexy I can’t control myself. It’s so hot I photographed it twice.
MAC, Art Supplies, swatches, Greasepaint Stick, Dirty, Zinc Zone
The Pearlglide Eyeliners are more sparkly than the ones released in Suite Array, but are actually safe for waterline. The shades are impressively complex and gorgeous. I photographed these twice, once with a flash, and once without.
MAC, Art Supplies, swatches, Pearlglide, eyeliner, Almost Noir, Black Line, Undercurrent, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple, Industrial
Almost Noir is a red-purple with gold sparkle. Black Line is a very, very blackened green with green-gold sparkle. Undercurrent is duochrome teal-blue-green with blue-green sparkles. (Wow. I could stare at this swatch forever.) Petrol Blue is deep, blackened blue with blue sparkle; Designer Purple is a deep royal purple with purple sparkle. Industrial is a steely grey-black-blue. The Pearlglide liners are $14.50 each.
MAC, Art Supplies, swatches, Pearlglide, eyeliner, Almost Noir, Black Line, Undercurrent, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple, Industrial
It isn’t totally fair to arm-swatch the Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers; shades that look light swatched on skin may become much deeper or brighter when compounded with the color in your lips. Regardless, I do think side by side swatches are useful for distinguishing between shades.

The Lipstain Markers are $16 each. My sales associates said they would last all day, wouldn’t feather, and contained a humectant (moisture-attracting) ingredient.
MAC, Art Supplies, swatches, Pro, Longwear, Lipstain, Lip Stain, Markers, Point of View, Modern Mocha, Tomorrow's Coral, Sunset, Purposefully Red, Full of Flare, A Classic, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter
MAC Art Supplies: Greasepaint Sticks, Slick Black, Dirty, Zinc Zone, Charred Mauve, Uniformly Blue, Greengrease, Below Ground, Brown, Now, Pearlglide, Almost Noir, Black Line, Undercurrent, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple, Industrial, Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker, Point of View, Modern Mocha, Tomorrow’s Coral, Sunset, Purposefully Red, Full of Flare, A Classic, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter

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18 Responses to “MAC Art Supplies”

  • Jennie says:

    Thanks for swatching!

    I’m not into this collection, so I will save my money for the pret-a-papier (which I would buy completely – if it wasn’t that expensive).

    The pearlgliders are not my kind of colour, the only greasepaint that catches my attention is Brown, Now and I think the artifact paint pot is much prettier.

    The lipstains… I don’t know. I’ve read the comment on these on temptalia and I think I surelly can skip these too.

  • OMG *drool*! These are such gorgeous colours. I am so excited for these to come out. I didn’t get greasepaint sticks in previous releases and I am just in love with pearlglides, so I am happy to be getting some more colours to add to my collection. YAY!

  • Amy says:

    Which color do you think the model is wearing?

  • Laura says:

    My list changes everytime I see new swatches!
    Thank you, your swatches are always so clear!

  • Erin says:

    Oh, my father!!! Those colors are super gorgeous. I was going to get nothing when I heard about it…but now I want everything, LOL.

  • Nicky says:

    …minus the lip stains. I will pass on that.

  • Sylvie says:

    Wow this is the first time I’ve seen swatches of all the products online. Thanks so much! Petrol blue looks a lot like what I always wanted Fly-by-blu to look like. I’m really excited about this collection.

  • priya says:

    omg! i want all of the pearglides !they are gorgeous !

  • Catherine says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla!

    Hm. I have to say, your swatches are the PRETTIEST of the collection I’ve seen yet, and I’m still not really attracted to anything! I think I’ll have to swatch Dirty IRL but … I dunno, I had expected it to be more taupe-y? And the Pearlglides are gorgeous but I already have liners in most of those colors already (and that cost less than 1/3 the price lol) so I don’t think I can justify getting any of those either.

  • Marce says:

    Thanks for the amazing swatches! Dirty is pretty, as well as Greengrease. Green Line is super pretty too, and Petrol Blue, OMG! Stunning! Industrial looks a bit patchy =/ And I’d love to see the stains in person, they’re all beautiful!

  • Kiraling says:

    Whoa! I wasn’t interested in this collection much because I’m reminded of Style Black’s greasepaint stick — which as much as I love, just pulls and tugs too much on my lid.

    But if these are WATERLINE safe.. ? Hello!

    Does this have the same formula or is it smoother?.

  • Lindsay says:

    Your swatches are always the absolute best!! Neat, uniform, you build up the color, everything is side-by-side…THANK YOU!!! I’ve seen some other swatches from this collection and they weren’t nearly as clear. Now I know exactly what I want with yours! :)

  • resham says:

    these are lovely as usual..but aee they out in stores??

  • Kap says:

    Launched already in my country. TBH, I want them all. The greasepaint sticks are nice especially Dirty, Zinc zone and below ground. I will have to get some spare since they’re limited (damn I hate when it comes to limited and the products are really really good) but a little disappointed with slick black. It’s completely black. No sign of any glitter/shimmer or whatsoever. (the one launched in Style Black collection is superb)

    and talking about pearlglide. They are so lovely. My first thought is to pick a few of them that stand out the most. But when I swatch them on my arm oohhhhhhhh I seriously want ALL!!!!

    I’m gonna be real broke this time. Thanks to mac.

  • audrey says:

    i know im REALLY late in asking this but do you know what the pretty green thats lining the models eye in the promo pic is? TIA :)

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