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This seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up on some highly requested permanent collection items — we’ll start this week off with MAC’s permanent lipglosses.

I feel a little less accomplished than I thought I would, swatching the MAC glosses, because so many shades have recently been discontinued. I’ve heard that when MAC makes something permanent, something else has to be discontinued (so the line doesn’t get completely out of control).  With the addition of several new lipgloss formulae — Dazzleglass, Cremesheen Glass — some of the old standbys are falling by the wayside (there are only 3 shades of Lipgelée still for sale. Goodbye, Valentine’s).

MAC’s Lipglass (doe’s foot applicator) is considered their “full-bodied color” formula. All MAC glosses are $14, and you’ll notice there are two Viva Glam shades in the mix (V and VI). As with other Viva Glam products, all $14 — 100% of the purchase price — is donated to AIDS charities. Also, click here to compare Viva Glam VI with the limited edition Viva Glam VI Special Edition.
MAC, lipglass, swatches, C-Thru, Florabundance, 2N, Enchantress, Pink Lemonade, Lychee Luxe, Russian Red, Pink Poodle, Oyster Girl, Dreamy, Lovechild, Viva Glam VI, VGVI, Pop Mode, Desire
C-Thru is milky beige with tiny, subtle sparkles. Florabundance is warm, pale pink. 2N is beigey, peachy pink. Enchantress is duochrome orange-pink with brown-peach and pink sparkles. Pink Lemonade is bright coral pink with sparkles. Lychee Luxe is red-coral with gold sparkles. Russian Red is opaque (fire-engine-)red creme. Pink Poodle is bright, strong, cool pink creme. Oyster Girl is milky, pale, slightly mauve pink with gold sparkles. Dreamy is lilac with lilac and silver sparkles. Lovechild is mauve with gold sparkles. Viva Glam VI is rose with lilac sparkles. Pop Mode is deep berry with gold sparkles. Desire is creme burgundy-berry.
MAC, lipglass, swatches, Underage, Nymphette, Cultured, Prrr, Lust, Viva Glam V, VGV, Entice, Revealing, Mad Cap, Chai, Explicit, Spirited, Spite, Shock-o-late
Underage is milky pale pink with tiny sparkles (it reminded me of Hue lipstick). Nymphette is rose pink with gold sparkles. Cultured is a cool medium rose pink with sparkles. Prrr is peach-orange with gold sparkles. Lust is milky, creme, warm, muted tea rose. Viva Glam V is similar, but contains gold sparkle. Entice is a gingery, rosy orange. Revealing is a yellow-tan creme. Mad Cap is caramel with small multicolored sparkles. Chai is milky tea with tiny sparkles. Explicit is cool brown with silver sparkles, and I would love it if it were an eyeshadow. Spirited is very dusty mauve rose with multicolored sparkles. Spite is a creme mauve-brown. Shock-o-late is the color of chocolate.

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10 Responses to “MAC Lipglass”

  • Amy says:

    Awesome, thanks Karla! I love lipglass!

  • Catherine says:

    Ooh, pretty! Everyone keeps telling me I need Lychee Luxe. I guess I do!

  • Eva says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  • Tammy says:

    Ohh perfect, I love them !

  • helena says:

    Hi karla! Thank you for the awesome swatches! Just to let you know, Explicit’s eyeshadow dupe would be bobbi brown’s heather mauve shimmer wash eyeshadow. =D

  • zoey says:

    Thanks Karla! =D

  • Claudia says:

    Underage and Spirited look amazing!

  • Jamie says:

    Thanks Karla! Very comprehensive. Was it tough to wash off your arm after? =)

  • Sun says:

    Thank you for these swatches! I’ve been wanting to see comparisons of several of these colors!

  • Miss_M says:

    Thanks for the swatches Karla! MAC releases so many LE lipglasses, that we sometimes forget about the perm ones I guess. There are some lovely colors in the perm collection that don’t get enough love and attention IMHO.

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