MAC Lustreglass

Yesterday we looked at MAC’s Lipglasses, the full-coverage lipgloss with the doe’s foot applicator. Today I have the Lustreglasses, the sheer, “blush of color” glosses with the brush applicators. Lustreglasses are a little less sticky than Lipglasses; they are also $14 each.
MAC, Lustreglass, swatches, Star Nova, Wonderstruck, Venetian, Flash Mode, Pinkarat, Flusterose, Morning Glory, Decorative, Lustrewhite, Springbean
Star Nova is plum with pink and silver sparkles. Wonderstruck is medium pink with pink and silver sparkles. Venetian is watermelon red with a few tiny pink and orange sparkles. Flash Mode is cool, sheer, violet-pink with sparse silver sparkles. Pinkarat is sheer mauvey pink with gold sparkles. Flusterose is sheer cool pink with pink and blue sparkles. Morning Glory is a very sheer pink tint with pale pink and silver sparkles. Lustrewhite is clear with sparse silver sparkles. Springbean is a sheer yellow green with a few silver sparkles — many people use this to tone down bright lipsticks. Folks with pigmented lips also say that worn alone, it’s an attractive caramel color.
MAC, Lustreglass, swatches, Decorative, Tranceplant, Ornamental, Beaux, Sinnamon, Love Nectar, Instant Gold, Luminary, Lustrewhite
Decorative is berry with small pink and gold sparkles. Tranceplant (discontinued) is purple-y brown (or a very browned berry) with multicolored sparkles. Ornamental is brown-orange with orange and pink sparkles. Beaux is rose-beige with primarily pink and gold multicolored sparkles. Sinnamon is caramel sand with champagne gold sparkles. Love Nectar is sheer pink with tiny, primarily pink (and some gold) multicolored sparkles. Instant Gold is sheer yellow with champagne gold sparkles. Luminary is opalescent, milky white with pink and multicolored sparkles. Lustrewhite you’ve seen already, but I swatched it again next to Luminary for comparison.  The sparkles are definitely less dense in Lustrewhite.

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    Beautifil Swatches, thank you

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