MAC Too Fabulous

MAC, Too Fabulous, Mineralize Blush DuosMAC has a new collection coming out this week (it’s available online today). It’s called Too Fabulous, and features 6 limited edition mineralize blush duos, 9 Cremesheen Glasses (and my understanding is that these will be permanent), and 6 lip pencils (of which 5 are limited edition).

The blush duos look a little different than previous blush duos. They have what I’d call a “heart monitor” pattern, which makes it impossible to dip your brush in just one shade. So unlike the Grand Duos (where I swatched top and bottom separately), I did only blended swatches of these.

I made these swatches with triangle sponges (which does make a heavy swatch), but they are very sparkly. Chic Couple is a little less sparkly than Rhapsody in Two or Two Virtues; Buddy Up is the least sparkly of all.
MAC, Too Fabulous, swatches, Mineralize Blush Duos, Rhapsody in Two, Chic Couple, Two Virtues
Rhapsody in Two is a very white warm pink. Chic Couple is a warm peached brown. Two Virtues is lavender pink. Bi-Tone is just a little redder and plummier than Buddy Up (a pretty rosy color, bound to be the most popular of the group both for its color and its lower sparkle-density). Sun and Moon is a yellow/golden peach. These blush duos are $23 each.
MAC, Too Fabulous, swatches, Mineralize Blush Duos, Bi-Tone, Buddy Up, Sun and Moon
The Cremesheen Glasses are $18 each. Fashion Scoop, Partial to Pink, and Boy Bait first appeared in the Cremeteam collection a year ago; the other shades are new. Don’t they look gorgeous, all together in the sunshine? These are all creams, except Fashion Scoop has tiny (practically invisible) silver sparkles — I don’t think you’ll notice them on your lips.
MAC, Too Fabulous, swatches, Cremesheen Gloss, Just Superb, Loud and Lovely, Richer, Lusher, Double Dare, Deelight, Over Indulgence, Fashion Scoop, Partial to Pink, Boy Bait
The Lip Pencils are $13 each. These shades are limited edition, with the exception of Chestnut. The Armani sales associate and I both looked at Chestnut and said, “that’s a lip pencil?”

Boldly Bare is rose-brown. Mouth Off is Orange. Trimmed in Pink is hot pink. In Synch is pale, warm pink (and reminded me of Creme Cup or Hue). Naked Liner is peachy nude. Chestnut is deep brown.

My MAC sales associate is really excited about these, and she believes if she can sell enough of them, MAC will make the shades permanent.
MAC, Too Fabulous, swatches, Lip Pencils, Lip Liners, Boldly Bare, Mouth Off, Trimmed in Pink, In Synch, Naked Liner, Chestnut
MAC Too Fabulous: Just Superb, Loud and Lovely, Richer, Lusher, Double Dare, Deelight, Over Indulgence, Fashion Scoop, Partial to Pink, Boy Bait, Rhapsody in Two, Chic Couple, Two Virtues, Bi-tone, Buddy Up, Sun and Moon, Boldly Bare, Mouth Off, Trimmed in Pink, In Synch, Naked Liner, Chestnut

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18 Responses to “MAC Too Fabulous”

  • carmen says:

    oh, I am sad, the blushes are way too sparkly for me. I guess I won’t be getting any, but thank you Karla, for killing a lemming :) .

  • Stephenie says:

    Great Swatches Karla, thanks! Can you tell me where you get your triangle sponges? I have been looking for some good quality ones for ages. TIA!

  • Jennie says:

    Great pictures!

    I bought Naked Liner and Sun & Moon yesterday! So pretty!

  • Lindsay says:

    Great swatches! That sure is a lot of sparklies lol I really need that naked lip liner.

  • Nina says:

    Chestnut would be appropriate for women (or people) of color. It just looks very different next to all the typical liners for fairer skinned folks.

    Thanks for the excellent swatches!

  • Claudia says:

    I’ll admit that mac is great in the sense that they constantly have new products coming out but I feel like many of these are repeats from their other lines

  • ann says:

    yeah african american women need lipliners too.

  • Lizzard says:

    Rhapsody in Two reminds me of Orgasm, but I think any golden peachy pink shade will! I really miss you on blogspot and getting all the updates, but I have made it a point to just remmeber your URL. Also, Naked Liner looks like my kinda liner! Nude liners are sooo difficult to find, usually “nude” in lip liner language means “the color of my lips” rather than “the almost color of my skin” woo hoo! will/do they sell these at macy’s mac counters?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Stephenie — they sell them in bags at Target. Studio Tools brand, I think? Sally’s Beauty Supply might sell them too.

    Lizzard — This collection will be at all counters!

  • Shimmergrass says:

    i am loving two virtues!! looks so pretty

    in sync and naked liner are so pretty too. hmmsss mac is making my wallet cry!!

  • Victoria says:

    The creamsheens look nice! but imo they’re way overpriced

  • Sabrina says:

    TY so much. Your swatches saved me $$$ on some of the colors.

  • Anna says:

    I really hope MAC makes In Synch and Naked liner lip liners permanent!!! :)

  • Saira says:

    Chestnut = Spice
    Chestnut is to black girls what Spice is to lighter skinned latinas, white, asian girls, it IS a lip pencil that was needed and thank god for it.

    That pencil is HG in the colored girls makeup kit.

  • Adriana says:

    deelight is like quartz gloss aqualumiere from chanel???

  • Emma says:

    My all time fav. lipglass :)

  • Jean says:

    Chic Couple looks just like one of my Rock and Republic blushes! (forgot what the name is; Shameless or Seduce)

    I agree, the dark brown is a wee weird as lip liner.

  • Jean says:

    Just read Saira’s comment, retract my statement then. That makes sense. It would probably go with my mum’s skin tone, come to think of it.

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