Senna Lip Lacquer + Bonus Giveaway

Senna Cosmetics is the brainchild of professional makeup artist (and brow guru) Eugenia Weston.  I first encountered the brand on discount makeup retailer BeautyCrunch — and as far as I can tell, the general population can only buy their products online (Senna’s own website, ShopNBC, and BeautyCrunch).  There are also a few Senna salons and boutiques in California, if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Senna offers a pretty comprehensive line of products, but one of their flagship items is the Lip Lacquer.  Lip Lacquers come in four finishes: sheer, pearl glow, creme, and sparkling (and today’s swatches are all from the sparkling group).  The Lacquers vaunt long-wear shine — actually, InStyle named them the longest lasting lipgloss on the market — but their longevity comes with extreme stickiness, which is not my cup of tea.
Senna Cosmetics, Lip Lacquer, swatches, Cosmo, Sugar Peach, Orangeism, Bling Bling, Star Bright, Alabaster, Ginger
Senna Cosmetics, Lip Lacquer, swatches, Ambrosia, Rock Candy, Beam, Blink, Icequake
As always, you can click the images to view at full size.  Cosmo is like strawberry candy with silver sparkles. Sugar peach is coral peach with silver sparkles. Orangeism is sheer orange with yellow sparkles. Bling Bling is sheer yellow with dense gold sparkle. Star Bright is champagne with beige sparkle. Alabaster is milky white with silver sparkle. The sparkle is a little more “buried” in Alabaster because the gloss is more opaque. Ginger is caramel with silver sparkle. Lush is berry with gold sparkle. Ambrosia is slightly browned pink with mostly pink and some blue sparkle. Rock Candy is super sheer pink with orange and yellow sparkle.  Beam is baby pink with pink-blue-silver sparkle. Blink is beige pink with silver glitter so dense it looks frosty. Icequake is clear with dense silver glitter — the particles are smaller than in MAC’s Rock Out.

The lacquers are $19 each, have doe’s foot wands, and a “Tahitian vanilla” fragrance. I might have described that as a not-unpleasant caramel playdoh scent.

Now, Senna did send me these glosses to swatch, but I swatched them with disposable applicators so I could give them away afterwards.  I have 13 shades (doh).  So I’m going to randomly select four winners.  Three will receive 3 random shades, one will receive 4 random shades.

To enter: Follow me on Twitter (@KarlaSugar). Leave a comment here and tell me your Twitter name.

You can enter only once. Readers from anywhere in the world are eligible to win, and the contest ends Sunday at midnight.  Good luck!

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