Sneak Peek: Dior Summer 2010, Addicted to Dior

Dior, Addicted to Dior, summer 2010Arriving at counters in April (April 21, I’ve heard) is Dior’s summer collection, called Addicted to Dior (cue the Robert Palmer). The collection is purportedly pink-amber-and-gold, and pays homage to Dior’s jetsetting style with a “luggage tag” lip gloss duo.

Dior’s collections usually contain a special packaging item. This one is $60, and contains glosses in bronze and pink. It will be available everywhere except Sephora.

Dior, Addicted to Dior, Summer 2010, Ready to Glow, Crush Glow, Golden SpotlightThere are also two new iridescent eyeshadow quints ($58). Ready-to-Glow (649) will be available everywhere; Crush Glow (659) will be available everywhere except Sephora. There will also be an additional “Colour Extreme” eyeshadow single (the others were fantastic; check out those swatches here): 616 Golden Spotlight. This shade won’t be available at Sephora, unfortunately. Dior’s extreme eyeshadow singles are now $28.

What WILL be available at Sephora (and only Sephora) is Dior Addict Crystal Gloss in #001 ($26.50). This gloss is a new formula, a “clear/jelly” texture different from the Ultra Gloss Reflects.

Oh and one last thing: the word on the street is that everything in this collection is limited edition — so if you love something, don’t miss your chance to pick it up.

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4 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Dior Summer 2010, Addicted to Dior”

  • I love the quints! Can’t wait to see them at the counters. I’ve been saving for this collection for awhile!

  • Sofia says:

    its been years since im officialy self-announced Dior -addicted..and everytime i realise theres no rehab for me…lol..i have to live with it…

  • Eva says:

    It’s not calling my name. Yes!!!

  • Shannon says:

    OMG more stuff again! x____x i still haven’t picked up Pink Extase yet…thank god at least i grabbed Pearl Glow before it disappeared (though i missed the lace blush D: ) man i gotta have crazy amount of funds for these LOL

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