Sneak Peek! Zoya Summer 2010: Flash and Sparkle

Zoya, Flash, Sparkle, Robyn, Perrie, Dana, Jolene, Maura, Jancyn, Ivanka, Charla, Mimi, Alegra, Nidhi, GildaZoya has two collections coming out for summer (meaning they’ll be for sale on April 1): Flash (cremes) and Sparkle (“sparkling metallics” — ooh.)

Flash consists of:
Robyn – perfect turquoise cream
Perrie – soft lavender cream
Dana – american rose cream
Jolene – summer pink cream
Maura – electric crimson cream
Jancyn – soft tangerine cream

Sparkle consists of:
Ivanka – mermaid green sparkling metallic
Charla – tropical blue sparkling metallic
Mimi – royal purple sparkling metallic
Alegra – fuchsia pink sparkling metallic
Nidhi – rich red sparkling metallic
Gilda – fashion pink sparkling metallic

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6 Responses to “Sneak Peek! Zoya Summer 2010: Flash and Sparkle”

  • Kiraling says:

    I’m really hoping Robyn is ‘the’ turquoise creme! :) Just hope it doesn’t match too closely to Misa Right Here Now, No More later.. or it’s OPI dupe.

  • Tiffany says:

    I am unsurprisingly drawn to the “Sparkle” portion of the collection…especially Ivanka and Charla. Can’t wait!

  • Mercedes says:

    Mimi looks sooooooo pretty!

  • Silvia says:

    The Sparkle section is amazingly beautiful! I want them all!

  • Jywoi says:

    I hope Jancyn and Ivanka are as beautiful as they look like! ;)

  • Olya says:

    I’d take Ivanka just for the name, it’s so Ukrainian :) ) But I think it should be not green, but rather some rich warm colour, red imo.

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