Armani Blushing Fabric

Armani, Blushing FabricBuilding on the success of their Face Fabric foundation, Armani released two new, limited edition products for spring/summer. The first of these is Blushing Fabric cream blush.  I’m so enchanted by these, and I’m ever-so-slightly freaked out that my Armani counter released them while I was in India — and was sold out by the time I got back.

Blushing Fabric is ridiculously blendable — actually, I think I blended/sheered them out too much in these swatches.  But that addresses my first fear of cream/liquid/gel blushes: what if I apply too much?  I like that these start sheer and let me build.

I’ve more or less disregarded the shade names because they make no sense to me. #1 (“Shimmering Peach”) sheers out to a pink with gold sparkles. #2 (“Sicilian Orange”) is matte, berry pink. #3 (“Pink Chiffon”) is peach-pink with a fine golden sheen.  I tried this one on, and that’s when I fell in love.

Radiant Fabric is $38 for a .6 oz (20 ml) tube — slightly smaller than the Face Fabric foundation tube.
Armani, Blushing Fabric, swatches, Shimmering Peach, Sicilian Orange, Pink Chiffon

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4 Responses to “Armani Blushing Fabric”

  • Ann says:

    These are beautiful, I’m quite tempted to get one, they look more wearable for pale people who blush shows up on so much like me than the MUFE HD blushes.

  • Jennifer says:

    Awesome! You Rock. Love # 3. Thanks Karla!!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hey Karla, I have been wanting to see swatches of GA’s new blush and face fabric radiance. Ah they are really lovely, thanks!

  • Laura says:

    Beautiful, Thanks for the swatches! I want #3…..

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