Armani (Powder) Blush

Yesterday we admired Armani’s new (and tragically limited edition) Blushing Fabric cream blush; today I have for you Armani’s regular, permanent line of powder blush.

I like Armani’s blushes because they’re subtle. Peachy-pink #2 is my favorite, and I feel that — even if I’m very sleepy when I put it on — I can’t “mess it up.”

Armani’s blushes are $43 each, and come in mirrored compacts (no brush).
Armani, blush, swatches
#2 is a light peachy-pink. #3 is peachy tan.  #4 is a little less peach and a little more red than #3. In a heavy swatch, both #3 and #4 have sparkles, but you don’t see them in a light swatch (or, presumably, in natural application).  #5 is neutral brown with maybe a touch of pink.  I tried this one on and it looked muddy on my cheeks (because it didn’t have enough peach in it for me).  The makeup artists at my Armani counter recommended #5 for red faces; it could also potentially be used for contouring.  #6 is berry, great for warmer skintones.  #10 is the only one with real shimmer; it’s pink and gold.

The shades not appearing here are the discontinued #1 (which I’ve heard was a very pale pink), the discontinued #7 (purportedly a plummy red), the discontinued #8 (red-orange), the limited edition #9 (medium brown berry), the discontinued #11 (soft pink), and the limited edition #12 (pale raspberry).

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4 Responses to “Armani (Powder) Blush”

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for these armani swatches!!! No counter anywhere near me. Your swatches make online shopping stress free.

  • Glosslizard says:

    I have #5 (I have a pale complexion with cool undertones) and it does work beautifully for contouring or as a barely-there blush to go with vivid or smoky eyes!

  • Miss Makeup says:

    Wow… #4 and #10 are gorgeous!

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