Butter London Jellies

For someone who grew up in very humid Texas, I have an irrational nostalgia for Jellies, the clear plastic shoes of the 80s. Mercifully there’s a way to get your jelly fix without the sweaty feet: jelly nail polish.

Jellies — jelly nail polishes — actually come in different opacities (as I learned from this absolutely brilliant pictorial guide to nail polish finishes).  This very sheer type of jelly might also be called a “water” finish (because it looks like a watercolor). Some people don’t like the sheerness (and visible nail line) of these kinds of polish; I think they’re perfect for “skittle fingers,” — a “handful” of different colors reminds me of sea glass.

Butter London recently released three jellies: Chuffed (cantaloupe, with sparkles that become more noticeable as you add more coats), Twee (cool, slightly plummy pink with a silver shimmer), and Stroppy (violet with purple sparkles, which become more visible as you layer).

I started trying to do full-hand manicures of every possible combination, but I realized that skittles would get the job done faster.
Butter London, jelly, swatches, Twee, Chuffed, Stroppy
Butter London, jelly, swatches, Twee, Chuffed, Stroppy
Butter London, jelly, swatches, Twee, Chuffed, Stroppy
The transparency also means you can mix-and-match — and I’m happy to say that these polishes are commutative: Twee + Chuffed = Chuffed + Twee.
Butter London, jelly, swatches, Twee, Chuffed, Stroppy
Butter London polishes are $14 each, and you can buy them both on Butter London’s site and from Beauty.com.

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6 Responses to “Butter London Jellies”

  • Molly says:

    Hmmm…not sure I like them…except for if I just want a “My nail but better”, subtly enhanced nail–then I might go with Chuffed.

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla!

  • Droidy says:

    Not much of a fan of the sheerness, but I got a kick out of seeing commutative being used in a nailpolish context *grin*

  • Irene says:

    Omg, are you a mathie? That would so make my day.

  • Kylie says:

    Those are cute! And they look hard to screw up. Although I wish you could get the color of Twee + Chuffed without having to buy both!

  • kylie says:

    omgosh these look sooo awesome! but $14 is a bit of money :( i definitely added it to my mental wishlist ;)

  • Claudia says:

    oohh I like their finish! I would probably use them as a topcoat though…sheerness? eh

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