Chanel Summer 2010: Collection Les Pop-Up

Chanel, summer, 2010, Pop-UpChanel summer is here, looking bright and resort-y — with a tiny bit of color scandal!  Chanel’s counter book mentions several colors that didn’t make the collection: There was an orange Rouge Allure called Mega, a sheer orange Glossimer (to match Laser and Pop) called Neon, and the polishes were “meant” to be Infrarose, Shocking Orange, and Coral Flash.  What happened?  No one seems to know.  One sales associate speculated that there was  a last minute game-change (or an error in the book) regarding the products for the U.S. and those for other markets (Asia was her guess in this case).

At any rate, Les Pop-Up de Chanel includes three Rouge Allures (the sales associate in Neiman Marcus said the price had gone up to $32; Chanel’s website still lists them for $30). Darling is a repromote of a permanent shade, a slightly mauvey natural rose. Super (bright, poppin’, blue-pink) and Genial (bright coral) are both limited edition.

As to the lipglosses: Bikini Peach (Glossimer, $27) is new and limited edition, a warm peachy pink with gold sparkle. Laser (slightly purply pink) and Pop (warm pink) are a new formula called Gloss Fluo, ultra sheer tints without sparkle. They come in Glossimer packaging and are also $27.

There’s one new Aqualumiere (limited edition, $29 according to the Neiman Marcus sales associate; $28.50 on Chanel’s website), and one new Aqualumiere Gloss (limited edition, $27). Bondi is a sheer reddened peach; Bondi Beach is sheer peach with gold sparkle.

The three nail polishes are $23. Click here for nail swatches.
Chanel, Summer, Pop-Up, swatches, 2010, Darling, Super, Genial, Bikini Peach, Laser, Pop, Bondi, Bondi Beach, Mistral, Nouvelle Vague, Riviera
The collection also repromotes a permanent eyeshadow quad (Demure, $56, sold out at both counters I visited). And there are four Soleil Tan De Chanel powder bronzers (which I didn’t have the chance to swatch). 62 Terre Epice and 63 Terre Ambre are permanent shades; 617 Terre Halee and 607 Terre D’Or are limited edition for summer. The bronzers are $50.

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5 Responses to “Chanel Summer 2010: Collection Les Pop-Up”

  • Tina says:

    Oh my goodness. These collections need to stop being do damn pretty. I think I’m going to get myself into trouble again.

  • Leslieal says:

    Hey Karla!

    Thanks for the swatches. Chanel always makes me happy! I think Riviera is the best of the nail colors, too…it has been a long time since a pink like that stopped me in my tracks.

    My SA told me a few months back that the nail polish was indeed supposed to be orange, but was changed to the blue at the last minute. She also had no idea why.

    Super and Genial keep calling to me, but I just don’t think I can pull them off. Instead of looking chic in that Chanel way, I’d look like I cannot, for the life of me, let go of my 80s lippies. :-/

    Hope you are having a great day!

  • snifferama says:

    I bought Genial, Bondi and the Pop l/g which is a fantastic juicy finish for any coral or pink l/s. Bondi is the perfect sexy nude l/s. Genial is crazy bright, not sure what I was thinking – I have to figure out how to wear it. But I also bought Egerie based on one of your pics here on the site, and it’s lovely!

  • Carla says:

    Hi Karla. I love this collection. Beautiful. Will you consider of selling the lipsticks and glosses? I’m very interested. I missed out on those :(
    Thank u.

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