Guest Swatcher: Chanel Summer Nail Polishes

Tremendous thanks to the amazing Soaper1 for doing “real” (on-nail) swatches of the Chanel polishes in the summer 2010 collection, Les Pop-Up de Chanel. (And making them look completely awesome. Jeez.)  Her review:

Nouvelle Vague is the highly sought-after polish in this collection. I expected it to be the blue version of Jade… unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s still a beautiful robin’s egg or Tiffany blue with very subtle shimmer, but the shimmer doesn’t show up on the nail.

Mistral is a pretty bubblegum pink, semi-jelly with beautiful microglitter (similar to the the glitter in Illusion D’Or, but much finer). The glitter reminds of me of those cake-decorating sugars that sparkle from every angle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up on the nail either. I think Chanel could have really hit this one out of the park if the sparkle had been more pronounced.

Riviera is a beautiful raspberry pink creme. This is my favorite from the collection. I rarely wear pinks, but I can see myself wearing this often. It’ll be a great summer color for toes.

The formula is very nice and they all applied beautifully. The brush in my Nouvelle Vague was slightly wonky, but not too bad. I applied three coats of all polishes. I also applied 1 coat of Illusion D’Or to see how it would look over Nouvelle Vague. In my opinion, the polishes are nice, but not unique enough to justify the $23 price tag. However, if you’re a fan of Chanel polishes and don’t want to feel the pang of regret later, pick them up now before you’re left paying exorbitant prices on ebay. Chanel regret can be very expensive!

Chanel, swatches, Mistral, Riviera, Nouvelle Vague
Chanel, Mistral

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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Summer Nail Polishes”

  • Dennery says:

    I have to agree with you, Karla. Love ‘Riviera’ & I can see wearing it often during the Summer.

  • anna says:

    love the colors! perfect for the beach weather

  • kristina says:

    the shimmer in Mistral shows up on me, perhaps b/c my skin is darker. It provided a great contrast, for it to shine.

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