MAC Slimshines

I’m inclined to agree with Billy Joel: only the good die young.

MAC made a line of moisturizing, sheer, “skinny” lipsticks called Slimshines. They are wonderful, but they were recently discontinued. Though they are no longer available on MAC’s website, all my local counters still have some stock, so I highly recommend checking yours to buy these before it’s too late.
MAC, Slimshine, swatches, Bare, Assertive, Think Tan, Missy, Gaily, Long Stem Rose, Rock Out, Urgent!, Scant, Funshine
When swatching at the MAC counter, I am sometimes mistaken for a MAC employee — if I can, I try to help people find what they’re looking for. Every time a light makeup user asked for a subtle, natural, “my lips but better” lipstick, they invariably loved mauvey-pink Bare. Assertive is a rosy-brown with gold sparkle. Think Tan is brown with gold sparkle. Missy is bright, sheer peach. Gaily is red rose. Long Stem Rose is cool pink with sparkle. Rock Out is cool rose. Urgent! is sheer red. Scant is berry mauve with sparkle. And Funshine (love) is peach pink with sparkle.
MAC, Slimshine, swatches, Intimidate, Ultra-Elegant, Ultra Elegant, Mousse, Voile, Prudeaux, Cocoamour, Most Wanted, Lovey-Dove, Lovey Dove, Gentle Simmer, Pleasing
Intimidate is cool, blue rose. Ultra-Elegant is brown peach. Mousse is sheer milk chocolate. Voile is clear yellow tint with gold sparkle. Prudeaux is sheer berry. Cocoamour is brown with brown sparkle. Most Wanted is sheer berry with gold sparkle. Lovey-Dove is sheer red coral with gold sparkle. Gentle Simmer is shimmery peach pink. Pleasing is sheer violet with a few sparkles.

Slimshines are softer lipsticks, and have a statistically significant risk of melting in the summer heat. Don’t leave these in your car.

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5 Responses to “MAC Slimshines”

  • Aretha says:

    I love the look of the Missy slimshine! =( Do you know when exactly they started d/cing this? I hope my local MAC still has it

  • kriss says:

    i have Intimidate…love the colour and the consistency of it but hate that it lasts half an hour or less… :(

  • Miss_M says:

    I’m really sad MAC discontinued the slimshines since their texture and colors were great. Bare is my favorite and I also still want(ed) to try Gentle Simmer and Funshine.

  • Sylvie says:

    I loved Slimshines. My first red lipstick ever was Urgent slimshine when they first released the collection (sometime in 2007). I nearly cried when I lost it and I asked all the mac counters if they had them still, but it was LE back then. Then it came back as a permanent collection, but I never re-purchased Urgent. Now that it’s getting discontinued again, maybe I should. The slimshines that came out with Cool Heat were also awesome. I think I have most of them from that collection but I still haven’t used them yet!

  • Kylie says:

    No Grenadine? That’s a shame. It’s a wonderful cherry pinky red. I don’t think it was LE.

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